100 years ago the first official BBC broadcast was on the air

100 years ago the first official BBC broadcast was on the air

There BBC celebrate in this 2022 one hundred years since its birth.

The date on which it was officially established was the October 18, 1922but the real debut over the air would have taken place almost a month later: the November 14th.

As it reports BBC.comon that date – at 18.00 local – it happened the first official broadcast: a news bulletin conducted by Arthur Burrowswhich included “a court report from the Old Bailey, details of the London fog break and billiard scores”.

There BBC which began broadcasting in London on November 14, 1922, however, was not there British Broadcasting Corporation of today, but the British Broadcasting Companycomposed by separate stations throughout the country, managed by different companies.

The London network was operated by the company Marconiwhile that of Manchester from Metropolitan Vickers.

Unfortunately, recordings from those days are rare, but Steve Arnoldenthusiast Radio Timesthe bulletin that published the times of radio broadcasts and which was printed for the first time in September 1923managed to trace some of the programs that aired in the first year of life.

From orchestral works to fairy tales for childrenthere were several productions broadcast in those days, in what was still a pioneering version of what it would later become one of the largest and most authoritative radio and television groupsworldwide.

There radio in Italy he began almost two years laterwith the start of the first broadcast at 21.00 of the October 6, 1924.

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