3 houses in the USA for less than 60,000 euros, to be bought immediately

3 houses in the USA for less than 60,000 euros, to be bought immediately

It’s not news we often hear commented on, but it’s true: we could finally have a dream home in the country which, for many of us, is the country of dreams. How come? Because it’s cheap, that’s why.

Let’s talk about the United States, for decades the first economy in the world and currently one of the countries with the lowest unemployment in the world. In short, the so-called “land of opportunities”, as they still say today.

The USA is considered the land of opportunities for a specific reason: it is here that most of the most innovative start-ups are based, here are the universities that produce the most brilliant minds and it is here that private initiative is most appreciated and valued. This is why this is where we would like our home.

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But where are these houses that cost very little? Examples abound. While it is true that houses in the United States are usually very expensive (so much so that any house for less than 400,000 euros is considered a golden opportunity not to be missed), some are surprisingly cheap. Even less than 60 thousand euros.

Recently some US newspapers have published lists, more or less long, of American homes at unbeatable prices. In the state of Indiana for example there are many houses sold at symbolic prices, even just a dollar. Of course, whoever buys them must renovate it, but the total cost remains under 50,000 euros.

Not to mention homes like this gorgeous Illinois cottage, which costs only 50 thousand euros. In short, prices that resemble those of a car, rather than a real house.

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