A corner of France in Milan, the Millésime 1990 bar à vin and wine shop opens

A corner of France in Milan, the Millésime 1990 bar à vin and wine shop opens

Nocreated by the entrepreneurial and creative minds of the couple Massimiliano Balestreripatron of the Milanese wine bar El Buscia, e Silvia Vecchionethe bar à vin and wine shop opens in Milan Millésime 1990a corner of France in Milan.

Millésime refers to the technical term given to wines from a single vintage, in this case that of 1990a tribute to the year Silvia was born, and is located on Raphael street Sanzio, area already known to Milanese gourmets for the high concentration of clubs and restaurants.

Massimiliano and Silvia undertake to carry on one important mission: to trigger a cultural change in the perception of french wineunhinging it from its allure of exclusivity and offering a rich list of quality labels, at the right price and within everyone’s reach.

Millésime 1990 is located in via Raffaello Sanzio, an area already known to Milanese gourmets for its high concentration of clubs and restaurants

An invitation to let yourself be carried away on a long journey

The space is configured as a journey to discover wines from beyond the Alps, of the lands in which they are born and the stories of those who make them, under the careful guidance and meticulous selection of its owners, who have explored the paths of French wine to meet authentic vignerons and tell their story through their wines. From Provence to Champagne, from the Rhône to Alsace, via Burgundy, Jura and Bordeaux, Millésime 1990 is an invitation to let yourself be carried along a journey imbued with perfumes, colours, flavours, images and suggestions.

A great attention to design

The search for quality and the link with the earth also pass through the design of the space, functional and elegant, characterized by warm tones and natural colours. A location that opens onto a large material counter and develops into a welcoming room that alternates high and low tables and chairs. From the windows you can see the distinctive and protagonist element of the space: a shelving made with corten-treated electro-welded mesh, intended to act as a showcase and to accommodate dozens of bottles. The mezzanine above the shelf is a real gallery to get lost in, where the approximately 400 labels are exhibited. The space has about 40 seats and a room for more intimate tasting moments; the interior dialogues with the outdoor area, perfect for those who prefer to enjoy a glass outdoors, especially in the warmer season.

A selection of real “gems”

Since Millésime 1990 it is possible share a bottle or sip a goblet by choosing from the card dedicated to the pouring: a proposal that is renewed regularly and which always includes 14 wines including bubbles, reds, whites, rosés and sweet wines, to offer a wide choice that can satisfy all tastes, ranging from spicy to other fruity hints, from fresher notes to others more tannic, from structured wines to others that are more immediate and easy to drink. There are about 400 references that can be tasted on site or comfortably at home thanks to the sale in the shop and the delivery service throughout Milan. A wide selection made up of real “gems” born from the hands of small producers and the result of careful research carried out with the aim of making the culture of French wine accessible. Objective made possible also by the choice of do not top up the price of the bottle consumed in the restaurant with respect to that of the bottle purchased to take away.

Not only wine, but also gourmet delicacies

Millésime 1990 also offers a culinary experience à la français with a series of gourmet delicacies from all regions of the French territory: cold cuts, selections of goat and cow’s cheeses and proposals dedicated to the most curious palates such as paté in bread crust , the duck foie gras medallion, the terrine duo (rabbit with rosemary and pork with parsley) and smoked duck breast with spiced bread and mango chutney. To close on a sweet notenothing better than handcrafted Bordeaux cannelés: crunchy and caramelized on the outside, with a creamy heart that melts in the mouth and lends itself to being enhanced by a glass of Alsatian Riesling Vendanges Tardives.

Millésime 1990
Via Raffaello Sanzio 4 – 20149 Milan
Tel 02 36534945


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