A walrus in the Seine, the incredible sighting after orca and beluga in the river of France

A walrus in the Seine, the incredible sighting after orca and beluga in the river of France

At the time, when they saw him, they thought it was a blunder. Yes because a walrus, in the waters of Seine, had never seen before. Yet, as documented by the spectacular images released on social media by the Prefecture of Normandy and the Seine-Maritime, the large mammal resting on the cliff of the port of Dieppe, a town overlooking the English Channel north of Rouen, is indeed a walrus. What is an individual of that species doing soaking in the waters of the Seine Maritime?

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Since yesterday, immediately after the first sighting, scholars have been wondering as well as enthusiasts and above all the police who, in the meantime, have taken steps to secure the area from onlookers and tourists. The recent events which took place last August in the Oslo fjord and which had seen the sad end of the walrus Freya, darling of young and old, had struck public opinion which now hopes that the new French walrus will soon return to its habitat. These impressive marine mammals, in fact, live in the Arctic Ocean and in the subarctic seas of the northern hemisphere. Also and above all for this reason, although it appears in good condition, there are those who fear for its health.

Thus, while everyone is rooting for the walrus away from home, other marine animals that have recently appeared in the Seine come to mind. Like last May’s killer whale, June fin whale, August beluga whale. Singular stories, sometimes with a dramatic ending. Like the one that happened to the orca and the beluga who died despite the rescue. The walrus is the only living species of the Odobenidae family and of the genus Odobensus Bisson. Huge, once adult it can exceed three and a half meters in length and over a ton in weight.


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