Aboubakar Soumahoro at risk of suspension for the case of the coops and the fundraising of the League of Farmers

Aboubakar Soumahoro at risk of suspension for the case of the coops and the fundraising of the League of Farmers

The deputy Aboubakar Soumahoro at risk of suspension from the parliamentary group of Italian left And greens. For the story of the cooperatives of Latinwhere the partner Liliane Murekatete and the mother-in-law Marie Terese Mukamitsindo they ended up in an inquiry of the prosecution on some alleged cases of exploitation by the cooperative karibu he was born in Aid consortium. But also for the fundraising thing for the League of Laborers. Raised by union Usb in the last January. And on which Soumahoro he would not have provided the necessary explanations to the party. And so, while the employees of the coop confirm a open complaints made through the union Uiltucs, a new element of political friction appears. After yesterday the leader of the Greens Bonelli he told himself repented of your application.

“We’ll see, we’ll evaluate”

This time to tell his perplexities is Nicola Fratoianni from Italian left. Aboubakar Soumahoro risk being suspended? “We will see. We need to listen and understand his position. Then we will discuss within the parliamentary group », he says to Everyday occurrence. Fratoianni been waiting for a few days together with Bonelli to speak to the deputy. From last Thursday, that is, from the moment the case broke out, they have not been able to speak. “I’m very worried,” he says again Bonelli. Although a date for the meeting has not yet been set. The appointment could arrive in the week as already today. Even if even for the co-spokesman of the Greens «the media process is unacceptable. This story is being used to attack the issue of migrants. And in the end, the losers are always the last ones on earth». Mashed potato Fratoianni does not close a priori: «Beyond informing us in advance, because one may not even know anything before the news ends up in the newspapers, the point now is to confront each other, also because up to now we have never met in person. In these hours we will have the opportunity to understandAnd”.

The funds of the League of Laborers

Then there is the question of League of Laborers. The news agency To say made it known yesterday that this case will also be on the table explanation requested by the parliamentary group. Italian Left and Greens they want to understand what is true in the allegations that the USB – the union acronym under which Soumahoro served until July of the 2020 – moved about a fundraiser launched by Soumahoro when he was a union leader. Some of that money was actually spent to bring basic necessities to migrants. But the union asked a Soumahoro to detail all monies collected and spentby virtue of the fact that many delegates and militants of the grassroots union they had contributed. Sambarè Soumahilawhich together with Soumahoro he founded the League, said the September 14th last to Fanpages that Aboubakar opened «a current account in the name of the Lega Braccianti, up to now I don’t know if there are cents or billions in that account, I’ve never seen it, despite the fact that I have repeatedly asked Aboubakar to be able to see the movements on the account”. Soumahoro said at the time that he had sued his accusers.

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