ADL meetings with potential buyers

ADL meetings with potential buyers

American funds Naples, US interest: possible club sale, De Laurentiis’ trip to listen to potential buyers

Naples footballsensational indiscretion launched by today’s edition of Sports Courier: US funds would be interested in buying the club and according to a prestigious economic site, the sale would now be possible. Mergermarket, global subscription platform that deals with mergers and acquisitions – a Bible for insiders – has opened a still opaque but realistic horizon around a club that has rebuilt its life on its own, in eighteen years, and which now that it is up there he inevitably attracted the interest of a series of international investment funds around him

Funds and not only around the blue club: in the States they were impressed by the vision of De Laurentiis. And first place in the standings increases interest. Ideal situation: Champions League, plans for the new stadium, great visibility.

US funds Napoli De Laurentiis

US-Naples funds, the reasons for the interest

Already in 2019 the blue patron had an important offer for the transfer of shares: “A few days ago a gentleman approached me and said: “You know, Aurelio, I have the opportunity to introduce you to a buyer who would like to offer 900 million euros… ” I smiled and repeated what I said repeatedly: Napoli is not for sale). In the States they are convinced that in a year there could be the first formal approach move.

According to the Corriere dello Sport the De Laurentii’s recent trip to California, with a fixed abode in his villa in Los Angeles, has also become a clue, which has been enriched with details on appointments set exclusively to listen to potential suitors – with their offers – from a club that is not considered on the market: the absolute priority, the only tantalizing recurring thought, is the Scudetto

Overseas, SSC Napoli is also outlined as a club with a futuristic “vision”, intent on “building a new stadium” and which in the light of sporting results could further see the value of its brand rocket towards monstrous evaluations. In the end, selling the club with the Scudetto and so many potential champions in the squad that appeal to all of Europe would significantly increase the final price. De Laurentiis knows it, waits, rejoices, evaluates and above all remains impassive to requests for the moment and does not speak. International private equity firms would be fascinated by developing the brand with wider distribution and by seeking new sponsorships. has been selected by the new Google service, if you want to stay updated on the latest news follow us on Google News

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