an extra month paid at 80% up to the child’s 6 years.  1.5 billion family package

an extra month paid at 80% up to the child’s 6 years. 1.5 billion family package

An extra month of paid leave at 80% of salary, “a piggy bank of time” for mothers in difficulty to be used by their children’s six years of age. It is one of the measures of the family package contained in the maneuver, an aid to female workers who can currently take leave but only 30% of their salary up to 12 years of age. «I – highlights Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a press conference – have always thought that many mothers could not afford to take leave with 30% of their salary. We have added this piggy bank of time without having to find themselves in difficult economic conditions».

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The measure is part of the one and a half billion package intended for the family, one of the two legs, together with growth, on which the government has chosen to move the maneuver. After all, Meloni points out: “the birth rate is the first point of our program because if we continue to look at today and not at tomorrow, as we did in the past, nothing can be sustained anymore”. «A billion and a half on the family package – also underlines the minister Eugenia Roccella – despite very tight deadlines and even more stringent spending limits. And above all, a vision. An idea. A political signal that charts the course for the future and says a lot about what will be.


This is a bridge budget, the time will come for structural measures. But the premises are clear: Italy wants to return to being vital and to look to the future, we will help it to do so». In the meantime, the budget law also includes the increase in the single allowance which goes up by 50% for everyone for the first year of a child’s life and by 50% for three years for large families. For the most fragile families, the mechanism that allows them to receive the social bill bonus, the discount for electricity and gas bills for those in conditions of economic and physical hardship extended to the first quarter of 2023, is also confirmed and strengthened raising the Isee threshold from 12,000 euros to 15,000 euros. The allowance for the disabled is also confirmed, a measure which, claims Minister Roccella, “is structural”. And again, as announced, there is help on the expenditure front. “VAT on all early childhood products – says Meloni – will be 5%”. The same figure will also apply to sanitary pads, the “non-compostable female hygiene devices”. Finally, the family package also includes a fund of 500 million euros for a ‘Carta Risparmio Spesà managed by the Municipalities, for incomes of up to 15 thousand euros.


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