Arianna Valenti 27′ at the World Championship of Word in Utah in the United States

Arianna Valenti 27′ at the World Championship of Word in Utah in the United States

Arianna Valenti is a triathlete from Bondo, she competes for the Doloteam team from Predazzo and some week ago on the occasion of the world championship Word Championship in Utah in the United States riding on her two-wheeler she finished in 27th position on a platoon of 254 participants. After a constantly growing season, winning the 70.3 of Arona and Mergozzo, everything was ready for the grand finale of the season and so it was. “A good challenge – his words – not only competing for the first time in an international context but also setting off alone with a thousand uncertainties on an overseas journey” .

Once she reached that location, Arianna’s concerns ranged from the basic ones relating, for example, to moving to a place where distances are infinite (she thanks for having met Luca and Ivan along the way who helped her), to the completely different organization of the event, finally but decisive, a climatic change which brought the temperature from 32 to 6 degrees in one day. Despite her trying to gear up for the day of the event, the icy wind suffered from the first kilometers has in fact significantly conditioned the performance by influencing both that fraction and the subsequent one of the bike ride that it usually is his strong point.

Arianna , that has 30 years old and close to a college degree she approached this discipline in 2016 without knowing how to swim or pedal ea five years later he earned, finishing in third position overall in the Ironman 70.3 Venice – Jesolo – 2021, the slot to participate in the world championships in Utah. Yet she.

“An away game, however, that doesn’t make me satisfied because the goal was to be able to play by fielding the best possible performance; but that definitely gave me way from grow as a person by expanding my own same wealth of experience and as an athlete who will make a “virtue of necessity” from the inconveniences, implementing new strategies to face situations also adverse”.

Now, after a few weeks of well-deserved rest, the look of the young woman from Bondo is already heading towards 2023, where Valenti, after a year of changes and confirmations, yes He says ready to give solidity to the path undertaken and maybe reach still more goals.


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