Batshuayi and Courtois give the win to Martinez

Batshuayi and Courtois give the win to Martinez

The Belgium from Roberto Martinezwithout Romelu Lukakumakes its debut at World in Qatar winning painfully against the Canada with the final result of 1-0. The substitute of the Belgian from Inter took care of scoring the decisive goal, Batshuayitaking advantage of the assist of Alderweireld at 44′. Canada, in its first game of world Cup of the last 36 years, has not disfigured. Herdman’s selection proved to be a team with a great personality, approaching the match with a proactive attitude right from the start, as confirmed by the penalty opportunity, failed by Davies who got hypnotized by Courtois after less than ten minutes of the game. Waiting for Belgium in the second match of F group there will be the Moroccowho in the first round earned a point against the Croatia from Modric.

Belgium-Canada 1-0, the match

The match starts uphill for Belgium: at8′ Ferreira Carrasco hits the area with his hand and the referee, after the help of the Var, concedes the penalty for the Canadians. On the penalty spot Alphonso Davies was hypnotized by Courtois, who saved and kept the result at 0-0. In the following minutes Canada continues with very high pressure and Martinez’s team is not very concrete when they manage to get close to the opponent’s goal, as in the 24′ when Batshuayi shoots high from a good position. After another dubious episode from VAR al 38′the Fenerbahce striker gives the Red Devils the lead al 44′ taking advantage of Alderweireld’s beautiful through ball. The first half therefore ends with a score of 1-0 for Belgium. The match in the second half continues to be characterized by very high pressure from Canada and the imprecision of Martinez’s players: at the 66′ De Bruyne serves the ball in the center of the area to the author of the first goal, who however is intercepted by a great recovery of The RIN. In the last phase of the match, Herdman’s selection continues to push, trying in vain for the equalizer.

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