Benno Neumair sentenced to life imprisonment: he killed his parents

Benno Neumair sentenced to life imprisonment: he killed his parents

The Court accepted the prosecution’s requests in full, sentencing Benno to life imprisonment for both the murder of his father and his mother. For the crime of corpse suppression, that is, for throwing the bodies of his parents killed in the waters of the Adige, Benno Neumair was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. The final penalty is therefore life imprisonment with a year of daytime isolation and perpetual disqualification from public office.

Present in the Chamber sister Made who, after the sentence, commented: “This is not a victory. It is not a goal. It is the end of a chapter that has been very painful”. His voice breaking with emotion, he then added: “Today we finished the day, let’s hope it can give us some peace. Then it’s not that this pain or the reasons we read will give us back our mum and dad. But maybe it will give us some peace as much as we can have peace after this upheaval. I think the jury decided what felt right at the time. I think that’s right. I don’t know if I’ll forgive it, it’s such a difficult question that I’m not thinking about it. I’m not thinking about him right now but about mom and dad.”

Not present in court at the reading of the sentence, however, Benno himself. “We will wait for the reasons and then we will decide whether to appeal. It was difficult to avoid life imprisonment, but we will continue with our battle”, commented the defense attorney Angelo Polo, adding that “it is difficult to say whether he expected it or not. Benno stands as it has always been for the last 30 years: like a mental patient“.

The double homicide took place on January 4, 2021 in the house where the young man lives with his parents. During the confession made to the police, following the discovery of the mother’s body, Benno said he had a strong argument with his father due to the poor contribution of the 32-year-old in the house and that the words used by the man led to his killing. About 40 minutes after her first murder, her mother, unaware of what had happened to her, returned to her house and Benno caught her behind her by strangling her. At that point he loaded the bodies into the car to get rid of them.

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