Bolla-Ryanair: Italy beats the United Kingdom on low cost

At the end of 2022, the low-cost share of Italy will surpass that of Great Britainboth on domestic and European flights.

This is the scenario that draws Mauro Bolla, country manager Ryanairwho spoke during a debate dedicated to Italian airports.

With an Italian market held for 40% by Ryanair, the manager wondered, is the distinction between low cost and legacy airlines still justified?

“If we look at the Italian market, 67% of connections are currently operated by low cost carriers, of which 67% 40% are Ryanair. We have managed to create low fares regional connectivity, which does not mean low quality, and we have grown by 9 percentage points compared to 2019 for Italy-Europe traffic, thanks to the ability to cover the shares of traditional companies. The low cost model – explained Bolla – is a model that should be read not only for the type of service it offers passengers, but above all for the impact it generates on the sector in terms of sustainability, accessibility and stimulation of demand. Airports with the greater traffic recovery in 2022 states Naples, Palermo, Trapani, Turin and Algheroand it is no coincidence that there are Sicilian ones, given that the Region represented Ryanair’s major investment in the summer of 2022 with 3 million more places than in 2019”.

The manager then dedicated a joke to the ITA file: “We have nothing to say about a choice made by the Italian government. We have already shared our only comment, Lufthansa would have been better”.

Alessandra Tesan

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