Brazil ahead, France and Germany…

Brazil ahead, France and Germany…

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It’s about to start the twenty-second edition of the World Cupan atypical edition which will be played in December and which, among the favorite teams for the final victory, will not boast theItaly: stayed at home for the second time in a row. Without the Azzurri, there will be one less rival for the contenders for the title, but the fight remains close and establishing in advance who will lift the cup is almost impossible. StHowever, i can draw up a short list in which to include the favorite teams for the final victorystarting from a severe selection.

THE FAVORITES – To select who is among the favorites to go all the way to the World Cup, you need to start from some basic criteria.

– First of all the history, the tradition of each national team. From this point of view the Brazil (5 titles) and the Germany (4 titles) have a clear advantage over their opponents. However, national teams of the caliber ofUruguayoften competitive in the World Cup, of the FranceofEnglandof the Spain and ofArgentina. Sometimes winning is not enough, the world tradition of a nation is also established on the basis of participation and continuous competitiveness.

– The second criterion to be based on, through which a first screening of the big names begins, is that of the quality of the players called up. In a World Cup without preparation, it will be the individuals who make the difference. Historically, the aforementioned teams represent a certainty in this sense. The only nation to offer uncertainties is Uruguaywhich has a very strong squad, but still slightly below its opponents. Starting with greater difficulties, compared to expectations, is Francebut only because of the many injuries accused (Benzema, Kimpembe, Pogba, Maignan, Kante and Nkunku), despite the fact that among its ranks it can still boast players of the caliber of Mbappe, Varane or Camavinga. Slightly behind is also Argentina, with great quality in attack, but with important limitations in defense and in midfield. Leo Messi will have the task of loading up and leading the team to the end.

This criterion also includes the Portugal and the Belgiumtwo historically less competitive teams, but which have set up qualitatively impressive national teams. England and Spain are very competitive and complete squadsable to field average young teamsbut also composed of elements of great experience and above all quality. Particular attention will be given to Germany by Flick, without a real tip, but built in such a way as not to feel the need for one. The dynamism and technique of the German squad can allow him to aim for the final victory. It remains favorite over the competition thoughalso from this point of view, Brazilwith Tite who will be spoiled for choice on who to deploy, especially from an offensive point of view.

The third and final evaluation criterion is the complexity of the initial challenges. It is an atypical World Cup and how the teams will arrive is a great unknown. That’s why the first games will tell a lot about the real condition of the squads and a misstep could jeopardize the progress of the favourites. In this sense, analyzing the groups will be fundamental. L’Englandfor example, has a very good chance of passing the group B from before, facing: United States, Iran and Wales. Difficult teams on paper but further behind than the English. Instead, the path of theArgentina which, in C group, could risk stumbling against Lozano’s Mexico and Lewandowski’s Poland, while it is favorite against Saudi Arabia. Situation similar to the British, has it, in the D groupthe France: the matches against Tunisia and Australia are more affordable, while in the current conditions he risks more facing Denmark.

An important turning point in the World Cup will take place in group Ewhere is it Germany And Spain the first round will be played: the direct clash will be fundamental, more than the matches against Japan and Costa Rica. The start of the match is also complicated Belgium struggling in group F against Modric’s Croatia, while the challenges against Morocco and Canada are simpler. Also beware of the pitfalls that the G groupwhere is the Brazil he will face difficult Serbia, a possible surprise, but also expert teams such as Switzerland and Cameroon. Like Germany and Spain, too Portugal And Uruguay will compete in group Hgiving an important signal to their World Cup, but they will have to pay attention to South Korea and especially Ghana.

Summing up, in short, defining a favorite over the others is not possible, as there are many teams, more or less on the same level. Assuming, however, a starting grid, there are those who are slightly ahead of the others. Brazil, for example, despite the complexity of the group, has an advantage over Argentina, Belgium, Portugal, England and Spain. If they play with the green and gold la Francestrong team in the starting eleven, but limited by injuries in the reserves, e especially Germanywhich brings a complete squad to the World Cup, but which risks being penalized by the difficult group. Behind them all is Uruguay who, despite the fact that the squad available is thick, on paper is not at the level of the competitors and will face a complex group.

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