Brazil, F1 blocked by the protests of the “Bolsonarists” – Formula 1

Brazil, F1 blocked by the protests of the “Bolsonarists” – Formula 1

Some truck carrying materials for the Formula 1 weekend got stuck on Brazilian highways due to the protest of protesters who did not accept Jair’s defeat Bolsonaro in the presidential election against Luiz Inacio Lula daSilva. Among these trucks there is at least one from Ferrari, as can be seen from the cover photo, which however managed to reach the Interlagos circuit thanks to the local police.

Bolsonarist protesters blocked with trucks – and setting fire to tires – the country’s main road arteries, including the highways to and from Sao Paulo’s Guarhulos and Viracopos airports. Bolsonarists are paralyzing the country with initiatives that local media describe as “undemocratic“. The lockdowns have extended to at least 25 states across the country. Meanwhile Bolsonaro has not yet commented on Sunday’s election defeat, not bothering to calm his supporters, just as Donald Trump did not do in the mad assault on Capitol Hill last year.

There Supreme Court of Brazil nevertheless approved a motion to allow the governors, who have power over the state military police, to use force to clear the highways, and also the trucks of the other teams that have reached (or have yet to reach) São Paulo ahead of the weekend of November 13th.

The cover photo is a screenshot of this video from Rede Globe.


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