Buffalo mozzarella conquers Paris

Buffalo mozzarella conquers Paris

PARIS – The France is the first destination for exports of buffalo mozzarella Campania with a 33.7 percent share of total exports. In 2021, 20 million kilos were touched, more than Camembert. From the results of a research entrusted by the Consortium for the protection of buffalo mozzarella from Campania dop a Nomisma it emerges that 70 per cent of the French ate it at least once a year, while 12 per cent once a week. 33 percent have a family with minor children, while 29 percent are millennials. In addition, one consumer out of five buys it in renowned stores fromageries.

“These numbers encourage us to move forward by focusing on quality and improved logistics,” he said Dominic Raymond, president of the Consortium for the protection of Mozzarella di bufala Campana Dop. «We have to be even faster and ready to satisfy the desire for buffalo from Campania that there is beyond the Alps and throughout Europedespite the strong difficulties caused by the increase in energy costs, which risk frustrating our commitment».

On Friday of 18 November 2022

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