Carabinieri capture internationally wanted French couple

Carabinieri capture internationally wanted French couple

LUCCA – The two fugitives, wanted in France, were hiding in Italy, in a small town in the Province of Lucca, more precisely on the Piana. They lived like shadows and even the people they frequented had no idea of ​​their real identity.

The Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit of Lucca have arrested a man and a woman, both of French nationality, affected by a European arrest warrant issued by the French state. The couple, wanted for some time in Europe, on which a pending accusation of abuse in the family, had gone untraceable in France, hiding in a small and quiet village in the Piana province of Lucca.
The investigative activity of the military, in collaboration with the International Cooperation Service, made it possible to identify the house where the two wanted men were hiding without a regular rental contract or any work activity. For months now, the two had lost track of them by limiting their movements and using different cars each time owned by people they met fortuitously but completely unaware of the couple’s true identity.
At the end of the operation, the man and the woman were taken to the district houses of Lucca and Pisa.

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