Cascina (Pisa), an elderly woman falls and dies in a lit fireplace

Cascina (Pisa), an elderly woman falls and dies in a lit fireplace

Perhaps an illness – The reconstruction of what happened is still ongoing by the investigators and the information is still incomplete, however according to what has been learned, the most probable hypothesis is that the elderly woman was the victim of a domestic accident. It is not excluded that the woman, who would have found herself alone in her house, suffered an illness that made her lose consciousness and fall right on top of the lit fireplace.

Grandmother Joanna – In the last two years, grandmother Giovanna had become a web star and was very active on social platforms, whose profiles were managed by her nephew, Nicola. Always according to The nation, the woman allegedly passed out and fell face down into the fireplace. She failed to call for help. Her family members found her engulfed in flames, who had gone to her house to have dinner with her.

“Not even Covid had stopped Signora Giovanna. She seemed invincible and strongest of all, she had been a hard worker, a woman in love with life. And she enjoyed being an influencer on social media like a little girl”, commented a neighbor of woman’s house.

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