closing forecasts for 2022 with +22% for Franciacorta which also flies to Canada

closing forecasts for 2022 with +22% for Franciacorta which also flies to Canada

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La Montina continues to grow and that sailed view given however the period of uncertainty that dominates. Between war and high cost of living scenarios, we interviewed Michele BozzaGeneral Manager of La Montina who draws a substantially positive picture of the historic Monticelli Brusati winery in Franciacorta.

-What year was it for the bubbles of La Montina?

I would say that 2022 was still a good year for us despite the difficult scenario. We continue to grow year on year, we are preparing to close the year with + 22% on 2021 which in any case had been another good year, compared to 2020 where we had held up both in terms of volumes and revenues. We are not an energy-intensive company, but we have suffered the increases indirectly like everyone else, from the increase in raw material costs and prices with inflation.

Michele Bozza on his recent tour in the USA and Canada

– The secret of La Montina?

– Let’s take advantage of the positive momentum that bubbly and Franciacorta in general are experiencing. If anything, ours today is an inverse problem, that of trying to please everyone, also because the last few years have not been too generous from a quantitative point of view and production has settled on around 400,000 bottles a year.

Are you focusing on new investments in the vineyard?

– The goal is to increase our production capacity also to cope with years marked by lower yields given the climate changes underway. A speech that other wineries in the area are also making, so it is not easy to have the right to replant new land or find vineyards already in production to rent. In 2021 we acquired 18 hectares under management, we are moving to find other vineyards.

-From a commercial point of view, have you completed the reorganization of the sales network?

– In 2022 we activated a total of 45 cities with related agents to cover a large part of the national territory, we had to stop because it wouldn’t make sense to open new markets when you’re not sure you can satisfy demand if you don’t have the product. An activity followed directly by my cousin Daniele who is responsible for the Italian sales network and has done a great job of development and consolidation, together with a very capable and motivated young team.

On the other hand, how are you moving abroad?

– I just returned from a trip to the US where we hadn’t been in attendance for a couple of years, going in person to find our partners with the importer always makes the difference, a whole different story compared to virtual tastings. Four stops in California, Texas and New York, on this trip we also opened Canada as a new market and we went to Toronto, a beautiful city with a medium-high target, where Franciacorta is slowly making itself known even if we are a small niche .

-Milan’s return to the Scudetto, with a La Montina toast?

– As Milan fans, first of all we were happy to celebrate, being able to do it with La Montina, the official wine of the team led by mister Pioli, had a special flavour. The partnership works, clearly after the victory of the Scudetto we have seen a significant increase on Franciacorta Rossonero, when the fan wins he is more inclined to invest in gadgets related to the team as well. On the subject of sport, it should be noted that for the third consecutive year we will be the official sponsor of Pallacanestro Brescia.​

– Ready for Christmas, do you have anything new in store?

– From the point of view of products we have launched the new edition of the Quor Nature Franciacorta vintage 2016 which also tells a beautiful story of the Bozza family. In general, Christmas is a very intense period for us, I see comforting signals from companies for gifts, even in a context such as the local one, which is highly influenced by the effects of expensive energy.

On the part of the events at Villa Baiana, the balance of the year?

– One figure is enough to make it clear how the activity linked to weddings and corporate events has resumed, in September we worked twenty-seven days a month, an important induced for us also because we play at home and it is the best opportunity to get to know our wines close. Let’s hope we don’t have to stop again with restrictions and limitations, by now I think we understand how to manage and live with Covid even if we must never let our guard down.


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