couple stabbed to death.  “We’re looking for her ex-husband”

couple stabbed to death. “We’re looking for her ex-husband”

SPINE – Two dead, a man and a woman, in a two-family house in via Leopardi, a small street in a residential area not far from via Roma, in Spinea. The carabinieri discovered them after the woman’s daughter had called her, worried, because since the afternoon she could no longer hear her mother. The military intervened around 10 pm and until late in the evening it was not clear what exactly had happened. Certainly there are two victims, it seems they were companions in life. At home, the carabinieri found a firearm and a knife at the scene of the tragedy and a third person was also allegedly involved in some way. Both victims, stabbed to death, are Albanians. They would be looking for her ex-husband, also Albanian and probably residing in Mira.


In the afternoon, the woman’s daughter had spoken to her mother who was therefore still alive. After that she never heard from her again and, over time, trying to call her and getting no response, she began to worry about her until she decided to raise the alarm. Late in the evening out on the street, along via Leopardi, beyond the barriers installed by the men of the Arma, friends and family, among whom there were those who spoke in a foreign language, indulged in scenes of desperation and anger for a tragedy whose contours are not yet defined but which has destroyed families.


A few months ago, another murder in Spinea: at the end of September 35-year-old Romanian Alexandru Ianosi, a welder at Piping System in Mirano, stabbed to death his partner Lilia Patranjel in the living room of their apartment in via Mantegna, in the Graspo de Ua district. That murder seems to have been committed around half past midnight, a time when some condominiums would have heard screams and then called the carabinieri: a report for harassing noises and shouts to which the military would have responded by sending a patrol to the scene; at that moment, however, the noises had stopped and the soldiers had gone away: it is possible that at that point the man had already killed his partner. Alexandru reported that he passed out immediately after the murder and that he called the police when he woke up around 5 in the morning.


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