Curling, Women’s European Championships 2022: Italy starts badly, defeated 8-3 by Germany

Curling, Women’s European Championships 2022: Italy starts badly, defeated 8-3 by Germany

The adventure of the Italian national women’s curling team at the 2022 European Championships in Östersund begins with a real misstep, in Sweden. Indeed, the blue ones are fallen before Germany with the result of 3-8 after an opening match characterized by many smudges and several empty passes.

Stefania Constantini, the 5 wonders of her Olympics

A challenge that immediately started uphill for Stefania Constantini and her companions, who they saw their hand stolen already in the first end, also thanks to a very contracted Marta Lo Deserto, author of two serious errors that allowed the opponents to place three stone to point after twelve shots. The Italian skipper will not be able to recover the situation, making a mistake in turn by rejecting it, handing over the two points to the Teutonic teams. In the second round the situation is still complicated, accomplices some inaccuracies of our girls who, however, manage to cancel the end by holding the hand for the third round, moment in which the blue maneuver is unlockedthanks to a last release by Constantini, good at moving the stone that prevented Italy from the certainty of conquering the second point bringing back therefore the match in perfect balance.


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Constantini-Mosaner and a historic GOLD: the feat in just 120 seconds

However, a new blackout is revealed in the fourth round, where a de facto empty pass by Stefania clears the ice for the two points for the Germans which, in fact, without making a mistake, extend to 2-4. After a fifth end that ended in a stalemate, the blues then shortened the distance in the sixth by sweeping the only German stone to a point. But the blow arrives in the seventh round, marked by a large, if not very large, stone traffic. The Desert misses and hits the Italian guard, creating the perfect conditions for Germany, able to place three stones on target, practically fleeing. An extremely complicated round which on balance could have gone even worse for the Azzurri.

On 3-7 yes channels into an eighth beat marked by a mutual exchange of favours, until it flows into what will be the ninth and last act, marked by another point from Germany, daring to place two stones in a dangerous area, only seeing one slip away in the final from Stefania Constantini. A defeat that must make the Italian athletes reflect, already with their heads focused on the challenge with Turkey, scheduled at 14:00 tomorrow, Saturday 19 November.

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