Enel, investments of 37 billion in the new plan.  Focus on Europe and USA – Economy and Finance

Enel, investments of 37 billion in the new plan. Focus on Europe and USA – Economy and Finance

(Teleborsa) – The new 2023-2025 Strategic Plan from Is in thewith which the company aims for a profit exceeding 7 billion euros in 2025 and an increasing coupon, forecasts investments of around 37 billion euros, mainly concentrated in the six core countries (Italy, Spain, United States, Brazil, Chile and Colombia). The group expects around 60% of investments, of which around 50% in generation and around 10% in advanced energy customers and services, will support the integrated commercial strategy. Furthermore, it provides that the networks represent approximately 40% of investments over the period of the Strategic Plan.

Power generation and retail markets

In 2023-2025, the Group expects to invest approx 22 billion euros in the integrated commercial strategy. At the country level, almost 90% of these investments are expected to be allocated to Italy, Spain and the United Stateswhere the Group can benefit from policies to support sustainable electrification, also taking into account the favorable regulatory framework in these countries.

Enel estimates that theEBITDA from electricity generation and retail markets will reach approximately 15 billion euros in 2025, with a CAGR of approximately 13% in the period 2022-2025.


In 2023-2025, the Group expects to invest approx 15 billion euros in networks, mainly in Europe (over 80% of investments) in light of the Group’s rebalanced geographical presence, favorable regulatory contexts and in order to promote the role of networks as enablers of the energy transition.

Enel expects the Group’s capital allocation to lead to an increase inEBITDA of networks up to 7.3 billion euros in 2025, from an estimated 7.0 billion euros in 2022.

The Stewardship business model

The mobilization of investments by the Group and third parties is envisaged for a total of approx 15 billion euros within the Stewardship business model, of which: approximately 1.3 billion euros in direct investments by the Group in assets expected to be
conferred in joint venture; approximately 1.1 billion euros in capital injections by the Group in joint ventures; the rest, in third-party investments.

Over the next three years, this model is expected to generate around 1.5 billion euros in terms of EBITDA cumulative, with an expected value of the Group equity investment of 2.5-3.0 billion euros in 2025.

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