Feminicide, Meloni: ‘Names of 104 women screened at Palazzo Chigi’ – Politics

Feminicide, Meloni: ‘Names of 104 women screened at Palazzo Chigi’ – Politics

United against femicides. Not only men and women together, but also politics. We don’t need ideological barriers. The real step to take to overcome prejudices and stereotypes is cultural.

The cry of alarm comes from the Senate which mobilizes against gender violence with the unanimous approval of a bicameral commission of inquiry (after the yes to a motion of address by the Chamber) on a tragedy that since the beginning of year has already claimed 104 victims. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reminds them of the conference for the presentation of the report of the commission of inquiry of the last legislature which was held at Palazzo Giustiniani. A “passing of the baton”, she says, as is done “with teammates”, “on a thousand other issues there may be different points, but on this I believe there can be no distinctions”.

Equally strong and decisive was the appeal in the Chamber by the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, for what he defines as “a social scourge, a serious violation of human rights”. “Those who think it’s a question of women are wrong,” he said. “It’s essentially a question of men, some men have not digested the progress of society”. It is in fact a fact, the report states, that 57.4% of feminicides are the work of the partner, 12.7% of the ex. The celebration of the International Day for the elimination of violence against women, which will be remembered tomorrow (November 25) was staged in Palazzo Madama a day early.

For the occasion, the political buildings light up in red. “On the facade of Palazzo Chigi there are the names of the 104 women killed in just a year”, announces Prime Minister Meloni who identifies three essential pillars: prevention, protection and certainty of punishment and ensures the government’s intention to go ahead with the fight starting from the work of the last legislature. The godmother of the initiative is happy about it, the dem Valeria Valente who was the passionate president of the previous single chamber commission.

“The bicameral is a quantum leap”, he admits, “I hope that the government is ready to continue”. A 4-year process, 200 hearings, 117 sessions which led to 12 reports voted unanimously and merged into the final report approved on 6 September last. All this material is symbolically delivered by Valente into the hands of the minister Eugenia Roccella. “I will treasure it” assures the minister for the family and announces an agreement with the Italian Post Office to advertise 1522, a free number active 24 hours a day for requests for help on violence and stalking. Laws are not enough to stem the problem of gender-based violence, this is the message that the majority and the opposition find in agreement on this day of debate at Palazzo Madama. In 15% of cases (29 out of 196), reports the report, the women killed had presented a formal complaint or lawsuit for previous violence or other crimes committed by the perpetrator of the feminicide.

“Women continue to die of Feminicide despite a respectable legislative heritage”, informs Valente. While the senator of the Lega Giulia Bongiorno is convinced that “the discriminatory mentality must be repealed” and recalls the Red Code, “a life-saving law in force since 2019”, so little applied that “The Lega will file a proposal which will allow for intervention in the event of omitted or delayed application”. Stop blaming women, sifting through their behavior, is another of the shared points. The numbers tell us that 63% of women who suffer violence (123 out of 196) have never even talked about it with a friend. The goal therefore is the change of a cultural paradigm, in schools, in homes. A principle that Prime Minister Meloni agrees with, who invites “to train operators from the forces of order, to lawyers, magistrates, doctors, social workers, teachers and health personnel”. Coming out of the presentation in the Senate, the Prime Minister stops to encourage Celeste, a fan of hers who was calling her in a loud voice: “Study, study and then you will become like me. So you will be next (premier – ed), hurry up”.


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