Fiat 500X, farewell to the United States ready – Mondo Auto

Fiat 500X, farewell to the United States ready – Mondo Auto

The return of the Fiat 500 to the United States was greeted with great enthusiasm by American customers, who will thus welcome the little one from the Turin house after about three years. As in Europe, the new 500 will also be marketed in the USA in the full electric variant only, while unlike the Old Continent there will be no room for the 500X. Doubts regarding the future of the subcompact SUV in the United States, to date the only Fiat model on sale locally, were dispelled by the CEO of Fiat himself, Oliver Francois.

“When the 500X dies, it will die forever in the United States. We will not replace it, the words of Fiat’s number one spoken to the microphones of Motor Trend at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Translated, once the 500X reaches the end of its production cycle, it will not be replaced by any successor in North America. A choice that goes against the trend of what Fiat has announced for the European market, where the subcompact SUV will be launched in the Old Continent in its new generation: will presumably arrive in 2025, and will be characterized by new electrified engines, improved technologies, new platform and increased dimensions that will probably place it in the compact SUV segment. None of this will concern the United States: sales of the model have never taken off overseas, and so Fiat has opted for the withdrawal from production at the end of its life cycle.

It is not yet clear when the current 500X will be withdrawn from the US market, although according to the latest rumors reported by Carscoops it won’t survive long. “We have a clear plan to do nothing in the US beyond 50, basically the only model that people likeFrancois added, revealing that the new electric 500 will be the only model offered by Fiat in the USA from 2024, unlike Europe where the range of electric models will be wider and more diversified.

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