‘Fonzies for Canada’, the campaign with the Own goals for the World Cup without Italy – Calcio

‘Fonzies for Canada’, the campaign with the Own goals for the World Cup without Italy – Calcio

The World Cup is underway, but the Italians, among the most passionate fans in the world, will not have a team to root for at the World Cup. Because of this Fonziesthe cheese snack with the iconic claim “If you don’t lick your fingers, enjoy only half” of Mondelez International group, had an idea: to offer all Italian fans around the world a new team to support. The one with the fewest fans in this competition, in a country where football is only the eighth most popular sport and which has been missing from world maps for 36 years: the Canada.

Looking forward to the official debut of the national team John Herdmanscheduled for Wednesday 23 November against Belgium (at 20:00), the communication campaign kicks off today Fonzies for Canada with a video published on the brand’s social channels with protagonists Own goals.

But being a true football fan takes a lot of practice and therefore Dentsu Creative, the agency that signs the campaign, has involved some famous influencers to create a special training program that allows all fans to learn stadium chants and the correct spelling of the names of Canadian national players. And by registering on the site of ‘Fonzies for Canada‘ you can download your fan card and get a pack of GIFs on Giphy to wear Canada’s colors proudly on social media.

Countryside ‘Fonzies for Canada’ which includes Out Of Home, digital, social, press, gaming and promotional activities in the premises was conceived and implemented by the agency Dentsu Creativewith media planning and buying by Character (dentsu Italy). The video production house is The Big AngleDENTSU CREATIVE.


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