France-Australia, where to see the World Cup match in Qatar

France-Australia, where to see the World Cup match in Qatar

With a latest generation television that can support this resolution, it will be child’s play to be able to watch matches in the best possible way.

How to watch France-Australia in Streaming

If you can’t enjoy the match from your TV or you prefer to watch France-Australia in streaming from your PC or mobile device, then just connect to the official Rai streaming platform called RaiPlay. Here you will be able to see all the 14 television channels belonging to Rai in real time. Furthermore, it will also be possible to access On Demand content like any streaming platform, given that inside you will find documentaries, films, dramas, TV series and much more. Furthermore, it will also be possible to see reruns of the main programs broadcast in the last seven days of their broadcasting.

How to install RaiPlay on your device

Using RaiPlay is not difficult at all. First of all, if you want to use the rai streaming platform from a PC, just access the site also via browser. Otherwise you can download an app for your different devices, mobile or smart tv. Here are the links you need to download the different versions of the app:

On smart TVs, just access the internal store of your TV to download it, but often the app is already installed by default.

The other games of the day and curiosities about the match

On this third day, a total of four games will be played together with France-Australia. He will be there to open the day Argentina-Saudi Arabia broadcast at 11 on Rai 2. At 14 instead, it will be the turn of Denmark-Tunisia always on Rai 2. At 17 instead it will be the turn of Mexico-Polandalso broadcast on Rai 2.

The reigning champions of the France they are freshmen of a great World Championship in Russia, where they beat many strong opposing teams and conquered the coveted cup by beating the Croatian national team 4-2. That was there second world cup won by France after that of 1998 hosted by the transalpines. At the moment in the ranking of the strongest teams drawn up by Fifa, France occupies the fourth place.

L’Australia instead it is his fifth participation official at a world championship. From the 2006 edition to today she has always qualified and her best result in a World Championship was in 2006 in Germany, where she reached the Round of Finals then losing 1-0 against Italy who later became World Champions. At the moment the Australian national team is in 42nd place in the FIFA rankings


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