Germany, October producer prices -4.2% month +34.5% year

News Image (Tiper Stock Exchange) – Producer prices moderate in Germany. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, industrial prices recorded a October 2022 an annual increase of 34.5%, against the +45.8% of the previous month and the +41.5% expected by analysts.

On a monthly basis, prices showed a variation of -4.2%, a clear slowdown compared to the +2.3% in September and compared to the +0.9% estimated by the market. It’s about the first decline since May 2020 (–0.4% on April 2020).

THE energy prices recorded a 10.4% month-on-month decline and an 85.6% year-on-year increase. Mainly responsible for the robust rise in energy prices was the sharp jump in theelectricity (+90.3%) but also by natural gas (+125.6%), underlines the Federal Statistical Office.

(Ticker) 21-11-2022 08:18

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