Germany spews us out, EU antics on the price cap and Maroni: therefore, today…

Germany spews us out, EU antics on the price cap and Maroni: therefore, today…

– As the war progresses, we find that it is “very likely” that the Ukrainians they will have to cope with blackouts at least until the end of March. Half of the country’s energy infrastructure is damaged by Putin’s missiles and the electricity grid is unable to support the demand of the population. The risk is that people will be left without electricity and without running water, while in Ukraine winter has already brought temperatures below zero. The situation is tragic, but now it seems almost slipping on us.

– Is dead Robert Maroni, ex young communist, ex iron minister of the Interior, ex president of Lombardy, ex Northern League secretary. One of those politicians, whether you like it or not, who is sorely missed today. Calm, outspoken, even if lately a little too much used by those who wanted to strike Salvini through him. The memory of Giorgetti is moving, as he almost cries as he presents the “Maroni measure” within the budget law. Goodbye.

– Speaking of manoeuvre, it’s complicated in a section like this to analyze it. We will stay superficial. What can be said is that in any case it is a financial one more than “social right” which is liberal, that is, which helps low incomes more than the middle class (whatever Meloni says). The only counterpoint is the de facto, progressive abolition of the citizen’s income. That only grillini could give birth.

– Not bad instead the family package foreseen by the government, with the increase of the single allowance for children and salaries up to 80% for the leave. The message is right: to promote the birth rate. But I think there is still work to be done

Elon Musk it is about 100 billion dollars poorer than last year. Not that it worries him, since he remains the richest man in the world with a hundred billion assets

– I have read the proposal of price cap on gas presented by the European Commission. The mechanism is so complicated that it’s not even worth telling: it will never trigger anyway. Suffice it to say that the ceiling was set at 275 euros per megawatt hour and that in the last period the TTF price has exceeded this threshold only 6 times. Basically, a joke.

– The EU specifies that the price cap it will also be immediately suspendable in case of problems. We said it in time: it’s hard to set a maximum price if you risk that the sellers will divert the gas to Asia or elsewhere. Germany is afraid of running out of methane, and the EU has followed suit. Mario Draghi’s great project, for now, remains a dead letter

– Countries skeptical about the price cap are absolutely right when they say that it is “like putting an airbag in the car before starting to drive or only after an accident”. The risks are too many, the benefits a mystery. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that at the end of the fair this price cap will not do anything

– The great alliance between Russia And Cuba against “the Yankee empire”. Text words. The world seems to have gone back fifty years. And that’s not a good thing

– Hear what he has to say Olaf Scholz on the war in Ukraine: Germany “must be ready for an escalation”. That is, a worsening of the conflict caused by the “failure of Russia” which risks dragging the world into disaster. I hope Olaf is wrong, but…

Sister Christinaalready winner of The Voice, leave the cassock and aim for an artistic career. I carefully read the piece dedicated to the ex-sister written by Avvenire and found it a little out of place. Were you overwhelmed by success? Did the nuns not know how to handle the media exposure? Maybe she. But these are difficult choices that it is hard to judge from the comfortable desk of an editorial staff. What matters, I feel like saying, is that she is happy

– Venice defeats high water thanks to Moses. It must have been a mess making it, it must have caused a lot of trouble. But public works are needed. And they do well. Who knows if one day we will stop demonizing them on principle.

– What a pleasureArgentina who takes two pears from Saudi Arabia: I always like how David beats Goliath.

– On the Commission of Inquiry on the Covid, Renzi says: “Money, a lot of money has gone around on the coronavirus affair. I have no proof but numerous elements that lead me to say that what happened in those months” is not exactly mirrored. His goals? D’Alema and Conte. But above all D’Alema. The former prime minister more than a pebble to remove from his shoe

– On the raising to the roof of the cash, listen to what the general commander of the Guardia di Finanza, Giuseppe Zafarana, says: “It is a fact that we are considering but which for now does not cause particular concern”. Games, sets, matches

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Manchester United after crazy interview against manager and club. Do not mention it. However, this shows that the return to United was all but a matter of the heart. Flag football is no more

– While Europe jokes about the price cap, Germany spews us out and decides to bring into force a ceiling on the national price which will also be retroactive. To protect families and businesses, Berlin is putting in place up to 200 billion. Italy, to give an idea, will be able to spend just 21. Do you understand why we’re already fried?

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