Government, a maneuver worth 32 billion.  The fuel discount is reduced from 30.5 to 18.3 cents – Policy

Government, a maneuver worth 32 billion. The fuel discount is reduced from 30.5 to 18.3 cents – Policy

The Council of Ministers is convened this evening at 20.30, at Palazzo Chigi, to examine the budget law and the Euratom directive.

The agenda of the Council of Ministers was supplemented by the decree law: Urgent measures regarding excise duties and VAT on fuels and support for local authorities and the territories of the Marche affected by exceptional meteorological eventsi (Presidency – Economy and Finance). Palazzo Chigi communicates it.

This evening, in addition to the budget bill, a related tax decree could also arrive on the table of the Council of Ministers: according to what has been learned in the last few hours, the orientation of replicating the classic scheme of the maneuver would have prevaileda, with the fiscal measures – which also cover the budget law – contained in an ad hoc decree.

At 17 a summit is convened at Palazzo Chigi in view of the Council of Ministers called this evening to launch the manoeuvre. As far as we know, there will be changes to the citizen’s income in particular, to be introduced through the budget law. They will attend the meeting the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, the deputy prime ministers Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani, the economy minister, Giancarlo Giorgetti, and the labor minister, Marina Elvira Calderone.

There shouldn’t be, however, the meeting of the pre-council technicians. Among the hypotheses under study the zeroing of VAT on bread, pasta and milk. We are working on pensions at an altitude of 41+62. We are moving towards cutting the tax wedge by up to 3 points for the lowest incomes. On the flat tax, the threshold will be raised up to 85 thousand euros for the self-employed. Palazzo Chigi holds back on a proposal from the League for a ‘marriage bonus’.

BASIC INCOME- A year of ‘buffer’ to place employable workers in the world of work, accompanied by special training courses, considered mandatory. This would be, pending the final decision of the CDM, the solution identified by the government as a soft exit from the basic income for the so-called employable. The idea of ​​immediate cancellation of the benefit as early as January 1, which would have made it possible to save 1.8 billion, would have been set asideinstead embracing the bridging solution proposed by the Minister of Labor Calderone.The date of interruption would therefore, according to what we learn, be that of December 31, 2023

INSTRUCTION – In the maneuver “I count” that there is money for the increase in teachers’ contracts “and I will fight for there to be new resources”. This was stated by the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, on the sidelines of the ‘North Direction’ event at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. “The blanket is very short – he concluded – in the contract we said that 300 million additional resources are needed for 2023. If there weren’t any, in the contract it says that they will be taken from the fund intended for professional development. But I expect that for 2023 there may be additional resources”.

TAXOn the tax wedge, we are moving towards a replica of the 2-point cut for incomes up to 35 thousand euros, while the cut will be increased by another point, up to 3 points, for the most fragile groups, those with an income of less than 20 thousand euros. According to government sources, this is the measure being studied for the manoeuvre. On the flat tax, on the other hand, the increase in the threshold (from 65 to 85 thousand euros) for self-employed persons and VAT numbers would remain confirmed, while the hypothesis of introducing an incremental flat tax also seems to be losing ground. The benefit of the cut in the tax wedge envisaged in the maneuver will go entirely to the workers. This is learned from government sources, who explain that this is the orientation that would have been taken in view of the manoeuvre

FUEL DISCOUNT – From December 1, the ‘discount’ on fuel prices is reduced, almost halving. In fact, excise duties on petrol will rise to 578.40 euros until 31 December 2022, while those on gas oils or diesel used as fuel, in practice diesel, will rise to 467.40 euros per thousand liters until the end of the year. . This can be seen from the draft of the decree expected in CDM together with the budget law. Thus we pass from the current cut of 25 cents which, inclusive of VAT, was equivalent to a discount to the distributor of 30.5 cents, to a cut of 15 cents, which with VAT will translate into 18.3 cents in December less.

TAX BENEFITS – There would also be there rationalization of tax expenditures among the measures being studied by the government in view of the budget law. According to a draft of the article still under discussion, the reorganization of tax breaks should appear in particular among the provisions of the related tax decree. In recent days some rumors had hypothesized a revision of the decalage which currently reduces the value of some tax discounts as income increases. There was therefore talk of a reduction of these thresholds which would trigger the reductions starting from 60 thousand euros up to zeroing at 120 thousand euros.

BUILDING BONUSES – There is a new streamlining of Building bonuses are among the measures being studied by the government in view of this evening’s examination of the budget law. The measure should be included in the related tax decree and would follow the intervention on the Superbonus already included in the dl Aiuti quater. Just the decree published in the Gazzetta last week reduced 110% to 90% (with some exceptions) and attempted to find a solution to the problem of non-performing loans. However, Ance and Abi are still negotiating with the government for a more decisive regulation – exploiting the F24s – which could therefore be inserted here.

SUGAR TAXES AND PLASTIC TAXES – We are moving towards a new postponement of the entry into force of the sugar and plastic tax: according to what has been learned, the maneuver, which will be on the table of the Council of Ministers in the evening, should contain the suspension of the measure also for the whole of 2023. The rule, in fact, it has never been applied since its introduction.

CRYPTACTIVITY – There would also be there taxation of capital gains from crypto-assets among the measures being studied by the government in view of the budget law. The rule appears in a draft of the article still under discussion, which also provides for the regularization of crypto-assets. When we talk about crypto-assets we are referring to the so-called virtual currencies, considered speculative assets, which also include bitcoins.


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