He fell from a window in Germany, investigations into Lucia Raso’s death closed: It was fatality

He fell from a window in Germany, investigations into Lucia Raso’s death closed: It was fatality

Lucia Raso’s death was an accident. With this motivation, two years after the disappearance of the 36-year-old from Verona, who fell from a window in Germany, the filing of the investigations that saw her boyfriend under investigation for voluntary homicide was requested.

Lucy Satin

There death of Lucia Raso it was a tragic fatality. With this motivation, the prosecutor Stefano Aresu has decided to close the investigation into what happened on the night between 23 and 24 November 2020 in Landshut, Bavaria, thus asking for the case to be closed and for the consequences of the accusations against the boyfriend of the victim Christian Treo, who has always been the only suspect on charges of voluntary homicide.

No evidence has therefore been collected in recent years in favor of the hypothesis of a violent death for the 36-year-old originally from Verona who two years ago had decided to go to Germany to visit her boyfriend. The 29-year-old, also from Verona, worked in Bavaria and shared an apartment with two Italian roommates. That evening, after consuming alcohol and smoking, according to the story that the young man then always repeated to the investigators, his fiancée would have fallen from the first floor window.

A fatality given that despite the not too high height, the 36-year-old suffered a very violent head trauma after hitting her head on the sidewalk. “I entered the room and saw Lucia on the windowsill – Christian had said – I didn’t have time to pick her up when she fell”. A version that the girl’s family never believed, asking for more in-depth investigations and invoking “truth and clarity”.

“When he drank, Lucia often climbed onto the chairs and tables to dance, even on the furniture”, the words of the boyfriend which, however, have always been denied by Lucia’s mother who stressed that her daughter did not do similar things. “In this story there are still many, too many elements that don’t add up and that I still don’t explain”, the woman had immediately stopped.

In recent months, the criminologist Roberta Bruzzone has also intervened on the matter and underlined how “the three subjects present in the apartment have made versions inconsistent with each other in an irremediable way”. Nonetheless, it did not help to prevent the investigation from going towards closure, a decision to which the family can however appeal.

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