he is a squatter of the houses of Pizzofalcone

he is a squatter of the houses of Pizzofalcone

A week, that’s how long the investigations by the State Police into the investment of the regional councilor of Green Europe lasted Francesco Emilio Borrelli, which took place in via Tasso on 12 November last.

Since yesterday morning, the name of the alleged aggressor has been entered in the register of suspects of the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office: the investigators of the Police Headquarters allegedly reached him thanks to a delicate work of reconstruction of the dynamics of the raid, based on the declarations of the victim and on thevideo surveillance video analysis acquired immediately after the investment.

Therefore, the investor who swept over the political exponent (also elected to the Chamber during the last electoral round) on board a motorbike, causing him various bruises as well as a crack in a rib (for him 21 days of prognosis).
The episode occurred a few days after the eviction notice was issued to the squatters of the now well-known building in via Egiziaca in Pizzofalcone, a case raised by the councilor of Green Europe together with our newspaper. And this circumstance has led the investigators to tighten the circle of potential suspects around the protagonists of those occupations.

From what is known, the suspect’s name would belong to one of the residents of that building. In confirmation of the circumstance, we learn that the State Police also seized the scooter used for the attack. “Of that man, who on the evening of Friday 12 November attacked me by running over me – Borrelli explained to the investigators – I remember the look full of hatred towards me”. Upon impact the “hit-and-run driverwas wearing a full face helmet with the visor up.

Again according to rumors filtered through the intense secrecy of the investigators, the man identified and reported for the raid in via Tasso would be a subject already known to the police, considered close to the criminal circles of the Mazzarella clan. Hypothesis of crime under examination by prosecutors coordinated by the deputy Sergio Amato. On the other hand, no official comment on the news comes from the regional councilor of Green Europe. On his Facebook page, however, Borrelli posted the link of a site which, yesterday morning, was the first to spread the news of the leap forward in the investigation.

In reality, and beyond the leap forward made in the investigation, the investigations into the wounding of the regional councilor are part of a much broader investigative context. There would also be some not exactly “friendly” declarations addressed to Borrelli himself on the occasion of a live television broadcast two Sundays ago on La7 during the program “Non è l’Arena” hosted by Massimo Giletti. Phrases with a declared flavor of threats addressed to those who first raised the scandal of the occupied houses in Pizzofalcone.

Expressions that can easily be found not only in a off the air recorded during a break in the broadcast, but also on many news sites. “You don’t have to name the people who aren’t present, but how dare you? How dare you say that my son-in-law belongs to the Mazzarella clan?” declared a resident of the building in via Egiziaca. The tenor of these sentences is also being investigated, to assess whether the content of some statements could constitute criminally relevant hypotheses. Phrases like this: «Someone is watching you right now, and he is not afraid of anyone. Better in prison than dead. A blow to your forehead… »

An investigation within the investigation, in short. All framed in a scenario of abuse and contempt of the law. Responding at a press conference to a question on the affair of occupied houses in Naples, the Minister of the Interior two days ago Matteo Piantedosi he replied as follows: «It is a theme that crosses problems of organized crime, of substitutive welfare of the clans that use even poor people as real “human shields”, people who really need a house. I know that a very profitable job is being done and on this point we will be firm, even if there will be no occupations that will be resolved by throwing children, the elderly and the sick onto the streets”.

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