her husband had reported her missing

her husband had reported her missing

The charred body found on Friday evening in the Modena area belongs to 32-year-old Alice Neri. Her husband reported her missing two days ago.

Alice Neri (Facebook photo)

It belongs to Alice Neri the charred body found last night inside a car in Modena. The victim, 32, mother of a little girl, had been missing from home for two days. The complaint was filed by the husband, Nicholas Negrinilast November 17, alarmed by the failure of his wife to return to their home in Rami di Ravarino.

Yesterday evening the discovery of Alice’s body to whose identity the investigators traced back thanks to the car. The woman’s body it was in the trunk of his carparked in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčopen countryside a Fossi of Concordia. It will be the DNA test that definitively confirms that the body belongs to Alice, but the carabinieri do not have many doubts: this morning, as ordered by the prosecutor Claudio Natalini, head of the investigation, an inspection was carried out at the interior of the woman’s home.

The military took away several personal items belonging to the victim. The husband was finally summoned to the barracks for questioning: at the moment he is on the loose and is not under investigation. According to what is learned, he is actively collaborating with the military. At the same time, several residents of the area where the car with Alice Neri’s body was found were interviewed: all seem to have confirmed that the car was not there in the first part of yesterday, which would indicate that the the facts would have taken place in the second part of the day.

In the coming days, an autopsy will be carried out on the body of the 32-year-old which will serve to clarify the causes of death and above all to establish whether the woman was already dead or if, on the contrary, the death occurred due to the flames. In this sense, the images of the surveillance cameras, placed along the route that the woman would have traveled by car, which the carabinieri will acquire in the next few hours, will be fundamental.

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