Hi-Pro Pequod Acoustics grows in France and beyond

Hi-Pro Pequod Acoustics grows in France and beyond

A few days ago, the sinuous Hi-Pro acoustic boxes Made in Italy Pequod Acoustics they made themselves seen (and heard) in Albertville, France, during the Salon Alpinewww.salonalpin.com. During this important event dedicated to hospitality and catering, thanks to the French distributor Rock Audio, the large shapes of Pequod Acoustics speakers spread music, with their clear and powerful sonority.

The brand is growing considerably in France: for example, last summer the coffers of the Italian brand made themselves heard (and seen) on the stage of the Les Dferlantes festival – www.festival-lesdeferlantes.com (in the picture).

Not the only country, France, where Pequod Acoustics is establishing itself. The brand created by the two Florentine brothers Andrea and Simone Ugolini is now internationally established and has distributors in Spain, France, Turkey, Israel and Palestine, China, Vietnam, Russia, India and South Korea.

Pequod Acoustics speakers, after making themselves known for their generous shapes, in fact bring together the sound quality of hi fi and the versatility of professional audio systems, which is why they are Hi-Pro. Designed according to an innovative technology, they have a striking design… but not a choice of the two Florentine engineers, Andrea and Simone Ugolini, who created them. “They could only have this shape, created by the sound itself,” they explain.




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