If the US is not involved, the massacres are neither described nor deplored

If the US is not involved, the massacres are neither described nor deplored

Mattia Feltri in «La Stampa», Giuliano Ferrara in «Il Foglio» and a few others, ask for an account (rightly) of the substantial silence and concrete indifference of a large part of the Italian political class, of the so-called commentators or influencers, if you prefer, of the same public opinion that (last link in a chain) is little or nothing passionate about what is happening in Iran, the mobilization of an entire people and not just its younger generation. Feltri and Ferrara’s questions have a reason for being: why so much silence, so much indifference? Why, incidentally, do the Maneskins shout: «Fuck Putin!», and there is no equivalent: «Fuck Iranian ayatollahs!»? Just fear of a Salman Rusdhie-style fatwa?

Presumptuous, a risky answer, with the comfort of past situations, certainly different, but equal in concrete effect: in its time, why little attention to Chechnya massacred by Vladimir Putin? Why indifference to what Putin has always achieved in Syria, to support his vassal Bashar al-Assad? Why indifference to Tibet oppressed by Beijing, and I could cite countless other cases?

Because, I think, the United States has not moved. In the case of Ukraine and the ongoing war, the “terrain” is precisely that unfortunate country, but the confrontation/clash is between the USA and Russia. If the USA had remained substantially inert as in other situations, we Europeans would not have mobilized either (so to speak, then: that many are calling for a generic peace, few go to the heart of the matter: Moscow to stop the war).

I would add an element that goes beyond the specific case: any oppressed minority that wants to make its reasons heard by the world, attract solidarity and support to itself, should first of all take care to procure an enemy: Washington, or alternatively, Israel; better if both. Surely that cause will be known, supported, appreciated.

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