Isendu, after Spain goes to conquer Germany

Isendu, after Spain goes to conquer Germany

Isendu, the Italian logistics startup that last May he formalized his entry into Spain now announces the next step in its internationalization process, the conquest of the German market.

A choice, that of Germany, which responds to strategic and business needs and which will materialize in Q1 of 2023 with the launch of a pilot project together with the first German customer. It is no coincidence that efforts have been concentrated on a market that is expected to generate up to 97 billion euros by 2022 (source Statista). Added to this are the relatively constant growth rates in the period 2015-2019, with online mail order orders and retail sales growing by 9.5% between 2016 and 2019. A development that stopped during the pandemic two-year period, but which however, it recorded online sales of approximately 12.7 billion euros in 2020 and more than 23 in 2021 (source: Institut Der Deutschen Wirtschaft).

Although inflation exceeded the 7% threshold in Germany in April this year, this country represents 4.5% of the world economy and 96% of German shoppers who have ordered online in the last 12 months have declared to have bought on 47% confirm spending more than usual when buying online and 37% cite a Prime subscription as a valid reason to shop online. Data confirming the adequacy of the market, second only to the United Kingdom for revenues from b2c sales and ahead of France (source: Ecommerce monitor). Finally, compared to the rest of Europe, German citizens receive the largest number of parcels each year, with an average of 24 deliveries per capita (source: M101).

By the end of 2022, Isendu will have 1200 customers between Italy and Spain, 2 million shipments per year and an expected turnover for 2023 of around 5 million euros and will come to integrate up to 12 courier companies with which to stipulate agreed prices to be guaranteed to customers. Furthermore, it provides for an initial onboarding of new resources from Italy and announces the hiring of up to seven sales development representatives (SDRs) in the coming months.

“The rapid growth of online commerce also has a significant impact on logistics and transport, which are a prerequisite and consequence for online sales. Indeed, having efficient delivery networks is the key to success and German-speaking regions, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have a long tradition of regional trade, so it will not be difficult for them to rethink cross-border trade. In addition, compared to other areas of the continent, here there is greater collaboration between online retailers and couriers, not to mention that the delivery metrics are the best performing in Europe: just think that Deutsche Post DHL has invested 750 million euros in the expansion of its network capacity in Germany, as well as new hubs in Austria and Switzerland – Marco Pericci, Isendu’s head of growth, comments in a note. For this reason, and for the constant growth that the eCommerce market has been recording for years, we believe that Germany is the best place to enter and import innovative logistics solutions. The hope for the future is to proceed in this direction, reaping what has been sown up to now and continuing to expand into the rest of the continent”.

The startup will take part in the E-commerce Expo in Berlin, scheduled for February 2023, with the aim of forging effective partnerships and adding significant marketplaces to its portfolio, such as Zalando and Otto.


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