iSpoof, the great “call from the bank” scam: over 100 arrests in the UK

iSpoof, the great “call from the bank” scam: over 100 arrests in the UK

Beyond 100 people were arrested and charged with biggest scam ever in the UK. It all started with a website through which the alleged scammers they stole tens of millions of pounds to citizens through phone calls posing as bank representatives. The site in question is callediSpoof» and was canceled this week by the cybercrime unit of Scotland Yard with the help of the competent authorities of the United States and ofUkraine. She is estimated to have targeted beyond that 200 thousand potential victims and the criminal group would have managed to steal approx 48 million pounds.

How the scams worked

At X time of the day, approx 20 people they were contacted by scammers who hid behind false identities thanks to the site, which allowed them to mask their phone number and pretend to call from a bank or credit institution. iSpoof came established in 2020 and was bought by the criminal gang through bitcoins. The goal of the calls was to trick their victims into handing over money or giving them access to their bank accounts. Only in August, reports the Guardianwere made approx 10 million calls globally, of which 3.5 million only in the UK.

The mastermind behind the scam

Also among the arrests is what is considered the mastermind behind the site’s big scam: Teejai Fletcher. It is a man of 34 years from London who is now accused of fraud and participation in the activities of a criminal group. “By disabling iSpoof we prevented further crime and stopped scammers from targeting future victims,” ​​said the Met’s head of cybercrime, Det Supt Helen Rance. “Our message to criminals who have used this website is that we have your data and are working to locate you, no matter where you are,” she added.

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