Italy-Brazil: new consul launches ‘Porto Alegre’ project – Europe

Italy-Brazil: new consul launches ‘Porto Alegre’ project – Europe

(ANSA) – SAO PAULO, NOVEMBER 19 – It is called the ‘Porto Alegre’ project and it is destined within a few years to relaunch the role of its capital Porto Alegre, the presence and the action on the territory of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul of the Italian consulate general, one of the oldest consular offices that Italy has, at least in Latin America.

For several months in Brazil, the 33-year-old consul general Valerio Caruso explained to the newspaper ‘Comunità Italiana’ the content of the ‘Porto Alegre’ project on which he has been working since February, even before settling in the Brazilian city in August.

The first phase, he explained, focuses on a profound reorganization of the consulate, with an important strengthening of the diplomatic staff and local employees, in order to be able to respond to the requests of the 106 registered Italians and to process 61,000 applications for Italian citizenship .

The end of this phase, he added, is expected around 2025 when a new building should be acquired for the headquarters of the consulate general, which is currently rented.

In any case, immediately after his arrival, Caruso put his hand on the current agenda by scheduling cinema, photography and gastronomy events. First of all, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Rio Grande do Sul, the inauguration of Wine South America.

This is the main fair of the Latin American wine sector, which saw protagonists with the presence of the Italian ambassador Francesco Azzarello, various journalists and professionals of the sector at a cocktail party to promote Italian wine. Finally, in October, the Consulate involved Italian teachers, universities and various institutions for a series of events for the Week of the Italian language. (HANDLE).


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