Joe Biden turns 80.  The birthday of the oldest president in US history – Il Tempo

Joe Biden turns 80. The birthday of the oldest president in US history – Il Tempo

Joe Biden turns 80. Born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, a working-class city in Pennsylvania, the US president is a veteran of politics and the oldest in US history. Known for his gaffes and referred to by Donald Trump as “Sleepy Joe”, Biden has recently been able to redeem himself by collecting a series of successes. From the Midterm elections, in which the Democrats avoided the feared blow, to the prudent line he was able to impose after the case of the missile that hit Poland, to the first face-to-face meeting with Xi Jinping on the occasion of the G20 in Bali , in Indonesia, which marked a thaw with Beijing and a rapprochement with non-Western countries over the war in Ukraine.

Joe Biden looks back on over 30 years as a senator and two terms as Obama’s deputy (2009-2017), 2020 was the third race for the White House for him, the fourth could be in 2024. The first time he tried launching himself in the Dem primary in 1988 but had to withdraw after allegations of plagiarism: one of his speeches closely resembled that of a British Labour. The second time, in 2008, he was beaten by Obama, who then wanted him as his deputy precisely because he needed a veteran. In 2016, he did not challenge Hillary Clinton for her nomination because he was still reeling from the death of her son Beau, the Delaware attorney general, from brain cancer the year before.

That’s not the only tragedy Biden has faced. Only 29 years old, in 1972 he lost his first wife Nilia and daughter Naomi in a car accident, in which his other two sons, Beau and Hunter, survived, injured. His second marriage, to First Lady Jill, came five years later, and together they had a daughter, Ashley. Biden grew up in a middle-class Catholic family of Irish descent, with his father a car salesman. The family then moved to Delaware, where he attended college studying history and political science before becoming a lawyer. It is precisely in Delaware that Biden, at the age of only 29, became a senator for the first time. He was re-elected six times, spanning 36 years, and became notorious for his gaffes, such as when he asked a wheelchair-bound senator to stand up.

His administration has sealed a series of legislative victories in recent months, on climate, infrastructure, expansion of health care, military aid to Ukraine, even as it has had to deal with high inflation and the Supreme Court decision on ‘abortion. “My intention is to run again” for the presidency, he declared, but in the Democratic party there are questions about whether to focus on younger energies, especially after the decision of the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, 82, to retire from the leadership. According to an AP VoteCast poll, 58% of voters believe she lacks the mental capacity to effectively serve as president. Biden is said to start almost every day with an 8 a.m. workout joined by his personal trainer and physical therapist. For her birthday, he planned to celebrate with a Sunday family brunch at the White House, following his niece Naomi’s wedding to fiancé Peter Neal on Saturday. It is the 19th wedding in the White House’s more than 200-year history, the first with a president’s niece as bride.


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