Khashoggi, immunity for Bin Salman is no surprise: a legal act was needed to settle the US alliance with the Saudis

Khashoggi, immunity for Bin Salman is no surprise: a legal act was needed to settle the US alliance with the Saudis

The move by the Biden administration to concede immunity to the Saudi crown prince, with respect to the Khashoggi case it is not a surprise given that the path of the negotiations between the Americans and the Saudis, preparatory to today’s situation, started more than a year ago. After the visit of the American president it materialized a change of attitude of Americans towards the Saudi prince previously openly accused of being involved in the journalist’s murder. The American action represents an aspect connected to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict which aims to reconstitute the American bloc taking into account the importance of not giving strategic advantages to America’s rivals, above all Russia and China.

For these reasons the current change in attitude represents the American policy based on a realistic policy which aims to block the possibilities for America’s rivals to find weaknesses in American alliances, especially with important countries such as Saudi Arabia.

At this moment, a strong position by America is needed given the current American objectives, i.e. control of energy, oil and the ability to concretely influence Opec Plus, which sees Saudi Arabia as hero. The latter country has so far not followed the American policy in trying to control this market, an example of which is the attempt to prevent Russia from having direct benefits from the oil market.

After last summer’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the American desire to strengthen relations with the country, there was no legal action that could make this relationship, and in particular the one with one of its strongmen, the future king of the country, stronger, forgetting the old American accusations about the Khashoggi case, putting Saudi back at the center of relations a strong stable alliance, in view of a future strategic collaboration. The latter will see the Saudis active protagonists in the region.

Saudi Arabia with this action has definitely achieved what he wanted, especially since until recently the crown prince was very cautious in his relations with the US. He was obviously waiting a gesture that guaranteed his safety and his exclusion from the list of people implicated in the murder of the Saudi journalist.

The prince is now expected to begin a period of regional and international activity for the regional peace. This could represent the most important keystone for the Biden administration to be able to record success in the Middle East, especially now that the return to power of Netanyahu in Israel it will block peace talks with the Palestinians. At the same time the Israelis will try to retake the agreements of Abraham and increase the number of Arab countries with which Israel is able to maintain good relations.

For this reason Saudi Arabia which today is the undisputed protagonist of the area, also thanks to its medium and long-term strategic vision, is certainly the most important key to this historic moment. This American decision could also mean a willingness to change hands on US foreign policy in the Middle East area.

The first step towards the normalization of relations between the US and Saudi Arabia is represented by Biden’s trip to the Arab country, this political move could have positive repercussions across the broad spectrum of American allies, who have lately been skeptical and feel unsafe or unrepresented in the alliance, which in some cases appears frayed. The Americans are also trying to reassure the allies and strengthen their position.

In conclusion, all that is happening now is a realistic policy that America is implementing in its effort to deal with both Russian and Chinese competition and to rebuild relationships with strategic countries which are part of the American bloc, primarily the Gulf countries, exporters of oil. With this decision America today begins a new path, but with the awareness of pursuing its objectives through careful strategic planningwhere there are mutual interests, which will be protected by American power, which is a reliable ally.

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