King Charles staple of the United Kingdom.  Insist on the climate and be careful of

King Charles staple of the United Kingdom. Insist on the climate and be careful of

Tina Brown who directed Tatler, Vanity Fair and New Yorker: «It is important that the Firm recovers Harry and Meghan even if only part-time. Camilla? She stoic, so she now she’s queen”

«Charles III can thank the disaster of British politics. With the collapse of the Truss government and the waltz at 10 Downing street, the king has shined as a symbol of stability. The monarchy has confirmed itself as a bulwark of solidity and certainty for the country in a season of great fragility. And he showed qualities like compassion and also elegance »he says al Courier Tina Brown, journalist and writer directed tatler, Vanity Fair, New Yorker, launched The Daily Beast. Sharp pen, you have never discounted the royal family.

You weren’t so optimistic about King Charles, have you changed your mind?

“Let’s just say he wasn’t a popular Prince of Wales, and he’s always been much more emotional than his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. So even though I’ve always been confident in him, the general perception was not in favor of him. Now, however, Carlo will have to be careful of Netflix ».

Yep, the new one The Crown series on the years of Charles and Diana, already attacked by former premier John Major and actress Judie Dench.

«Whole generations weren’t even born when the royal marriage ended, with Carlo’s love for Camilla and then Lady D’s fatal accident. Netflix will put before their eyes a story they don’t know, told in the manner of a TV series ».

And on January 10 will be released the Harry’s book.

«Moreover, Carlo has to beware of a whole world that his mother didn’t have to worry about, social media, in an instant everything goes viral. Like the fountain pen incident. You can be careful to follow the ceremonial perfectly and we have seen how tiring weeks of ceremonies like at the funeral can be, and then the gesture of a moment, amplified, creates a case».

On May 6, Charles III will be crowned in Westminster, a low-cost coronation, it has been promised. What advises the king?

«Low cost, light ceremonial, let’s say that inevitably today no one would accept a three-hour long ritual like for the mother. The King should watch out for three things: 1) that Westminster Abbey opens up to a truly inclusive audience; 2) don’t try to be a mother to her, she had her own mystiquean unfathomable mystery of his that built his charisma, he cannot change himself at the age of 73 and 3) remember that it is his battle for the environment that will ensure him the support of young people, who care about the planet, and will have to be at the center of his kingdom”.

The government banned him from going to Cop27 in Egypt and he responded yesterday by opening the building to a pre-Cop reception with 200 global leaders, from US climate envoy John Kerry to Bank of America number one, to fashion designer green Stella McCartney.

«Carlo should absolutely go to Cop27 and in any case he must continue to talk about sustainability. And he can do it without compromising himself politically ».

Harry and Meghan. They will be the new Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, in a golden “exile”.?
«The monarchy needs them, they must return: the photo of the Windsors on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, without them, is incomplete. And just look at the affection that surrounded Harry’s return for the Queen’s funeral, when he paraded with his brother William ».

Is Carlo working to bring them back to London?

«Full time I don’t think he will make it. They won’t go back at all, but I think the king should continue to insist, perhaps look together for a formula that allows them to return on a part-time basis. Meghan would also be extraordinarily useful to the Commonwealth.”

It was the role imagined by the queen for the duchess. What’s stopping the Sussexes from returning?

«Harry’s book coming out, even if it will be a good book because his ghostwriter writes very well and will be able to give the prince the right interpretation. And then the fact that the Sussexes continue to question the monarchy, first the TV interview and all the rest ».

In his Archetypes podcast, Meghan confessed that she is 43% Nigerian. From the outset, the racial issue was brought up by the Sussexes: was there a “race” issue?

«In the Megxit there was probably, from certain tabloids, some people…».

By the way, you who are British and live in New York, do you think that American-born Meghan could aspire to the White House?

“The US political system would crush you, and I don’t think you can stand criticism.”

Before «Behind the Crown» (Vallardi), he dated Princess Diana and wrote her bestselling biography «Lady Diana Chronicles». What does Camilla have that Diana didn’t have?

«Camilla is a stoic, so she became queen: she never complains about anything and let’s remember that she is 75 years old! Yet she carries on and that’s what you have to do in the royal family. She also has a sense of humor and an affinity for the king: she loves books, she has launched The Reading Room club. Diana was a very difficult, complex for Carlo».

And how does he go on without ever complaining Camilla?

«He has his recipe, his Ray Mill country estate, he carves out time to take refuge, he closes the door behind him and does what he wants, in the kitchen, with his grandchildren…».

Will Prince Andrew be able to “return to service” at the Firm?

“He will never return let’s say ‘in service’ for the crown, also because William is very hard towards him”.

Yes, what king will William V be. And what future for the Crown?

«The grandmother swore that long or short her life was she would serve the country, her father Carlo has already dedicated himself for 73 years to public service, and William seems to want to do the same. Plus Kate is comfortable with the system. If this marriage had collapsed there would have been real trouble. Of course who knows if George will want to devote himself to the same service?

The strength of the UK global brand with Charles is less strong than it was with Elizabeth II who was able to «bring» to London the his funeral over 500 global leaders, from Biden to kings and queens?

“The soft power of the crown as long as Charles III is in Buckingham Palace, it is confirmed. No one, if Buckingham Palace invites you to dinner, would refuse».

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