Left in devastating condition.  The violence of two Albanians against the minor

Left in devastating condition. The violence of two Albanians against the minor

The investigation into the investigation ended with the arrest of two men, Albanian citizens aged 22 and 26 gang sexual assault committed against a 16-year-old girl. The arrests were made by the men of the State Police, who followed up on a precautionary measure in prison issued by the Gip at the Siena court.

It all started in a restaurant in the Valdisesia, very popular especially among the very young. After spending the night with some friends in this discotheque, the young victim was raped inside a car parked not far from the entrance to the club. Her attackers took advantage of thepsychophysical alteration of the minor due to the abuse of alcohol inside the club to perpetrate the violence. The attackers themselves, as reconstructed by the police, would then have taken her home. Or rather, the very young girl was accompanied near the house, where she was then left in devastating conditions, without making sure that the young woman was able to return to her home.

When the very young girl recovered, she filed a complaint at the Poggibonsi police station and from that moment the agents started the investigation, tracking down the attackers. The investigations were coordinated by the public prosecutor at the court of Siena, which after a long work in the field led to the identification of the two suspects. After the arrest, the two foreigners were taken to the Santo Spirito prison in Siena, awaiting house arrest at their respective homes, with the application of electronic bracelet.

It was a very complicated job, involving different departments of the state police at various stages of the investigation. The searches were also authorized with the support of the dog department and it was the dogs, during the search, who found the cocaine inside the home of one of the two. The issue of the two measures, explains a note from the Police Headquarters released with the authorization of the Prosecutor’s Office, is “consequent to the meticulous reconstruction of the facts which took place through the careful visualization of the above one hundred hours of footage extrapolated from the various video surveillance circuits of the affected area. The activities, which engaged the men and women of the Poggibonsi police station day and night for several days, made it possible to identify the two suspects and reconstruct the facts“.

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