Listen to TV, Brazil-Serbia on Rai1 in prime time

Listen to TV, Brazil-Serbia on Rai1 in prime time

Victory for Rai1 in yesterday evening’s prime time with the Brazil-Serbia World Cup match for Qatar 2022 seen 6,602,000 viewers equal to 30% share. Second step of the podium for the first episode of ‘Passport to Freedom’ which totaled 2,009,000 viewers (11.65% share). Third place for Retequattro with ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ followed by 1,322,000 viewers, 10.13% share.

Off the Rai3 podium with ‘Amore Criminale’ it was seen by 1,130,000 viewers (6.1% share) while on Italia 1 the film ‘Ti presento i nostri’ involved 1,061,000 viewers (5.85% share) . On La7 PiazzaPulita achieved 960,000 viewers and a share of 7.51% while on Nove the film ‘Only Fun – Comico Show’ was seen by 657,000 viewers equal to a share of 3.80%. ‘Alessandro Borghese – 4 Restaurants’ followed by 618,000 viewers (3.18% share) and Rai 2 with ‘What’s new’ seen by 478,000 viewers (3.3% share).

In prime time access on Canale 5, ‘Striscia la Notizia’ was seen by 3,675,000 viewers (16.33% share). In the pre-evening slot ‘L’Eredità Sfida Mondiale’ broadcast on Rai 1 totaled 2,856,000 viewers (share of 18.8%) while on Canale 5 ‘Caduta Libera’ was followed by 3,525,000 viewers (share of 20. 18%).

Overall, the Rai networks conquered prime time with 8,718,000 viewers (40.6% share) and 24-hour with 3,660,000 viewers (41.7% share). The Mediaset networks, on the other hand, won the late evening with 3,751,000 viewers and a 42.97% share.

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