Marco Cassanelli and Beppe Massara at the Momen in Frankfurt in Germany

Marco Cassanelli and Beppe Massara (also known as Deckard) will be the first Italians to perform live in the prestigious Frankfurt Museum dedicated to Modern Electronic Music, one of the only temples of European club culture. On November 26th in Germany the Apulian duo will present “Splitted” an album created with the support of Puglia Sounds Records 2022, published by Ta Rock Records / Electronic Division of Trani and distributed by the German Decks Records all over the world.

2022 is a year of intense record production for the electronic duo known to most for the refined technique on modular synths, SPLITTED is a reflection on the divisions and deep splits that cross the 21st century and an attempt to recompose them musically, the new songs are the logical continuation of the previous contents in the EP “Opus Sectile” released in April 2022, in both releases the architecture of the compositions is inspired by the geometries and symmetries used in all the visual, sculptural and performing arts.

All tracks were produced in Trani – Italy between March and April 2022 at Deckard’s Studio. “SPLITTED” like all the duo’s discography is the result of studio live sessions recorded using analog and modular synthesizers, the use of such particular instruments characterizes the sound of Marco Cassanelli and Deckard both in record productions and live.

This analogue and non-digitally calculated and programmed improvisation approach gives the recorded songs the same feeling they have during the modular live sets. In their performances Marco Cassanelli and Deckard reproduce their entire repertoire in a sort of “mash-up” which becomes a single flow without interruptions in which old and new songs are remixed and reworked following the mood of the moment, moving towards more ambient sounds or deep being influenced by the live context and the place. The soft geometries of SPLITTED become malleable material, object of interpretation and changes of perspective, fluid shapes in a continuous kaleidoscopic mixing. The cover of SPLITTED is an artwork by Russian artist Elena Romenkova.

The realization of the alubm is the result of an Operation financed under the POC Puglia 2007-2013 – Action “Development of cultural and entertainment activities”.

Tuesday 22 November 2022

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