Matteo Berrettini on the eve of Italy-Canada: “I’m recovering quickly. Miracle? Let’s see”

Matteo Berrettini on the eve of Italy-Canada: “I’m recovering quickly. Miracle? Let’s see”

by the envoy in Malaga On the eve of Italy-Canada, Matthew Berrettini he showed up at 9:30 at the Malaga Central to carry out a new training session (after Wednesday’s) under Captain Volandri’s orders: an hour and 20 of sustained exchanges with a local sparring partner, smiles (those never fail), some grimaces of pain for the left foot not yet 100%. The Roman was the only blue to play the session on the Central, the other four, Musetti, Sonego, Fognini and Bolelli on field 2. Then the meeting with the journalists in the belly of Martin Carpena and the surprise statement after Sunday’s “unofficial” package on social media:

I am recovering very fast. Today I had the best workout since I hurt myself. The team is doing very well, yesterday they all played in a crazy way. I’m delighted that it’s going like this. If it were up to me I would even play with one leg, but then you have to be objective and do your best for the team. Miracle? Let’s see”

Davis Cup

Berrettini: “Miracle? If it were up to me, I’d even play on one leg”


“When Volandri called me a year and a half ago to start this new project, he told me that the fundamental thing is to create a group. And I immediately shared his vision. In my opinion in Davis, and yesterday we demonstrated it, that’s the most important thing. So when I realized that I was late with the preparation to be here, I said I would like to be there anyway because in my opinion I can give my contribution and last year I suffered three times as much”.

soon full statements…

“Come on Nole, we need Neapolitan and Serbian cazzimma”: Berrettini-show

Davis Cup

Italy-Canada, the final up for grabs in Malaga: when and where to see it


Davis Cup

Pride Volandri: “We were a team. Fognini/Bolelli? The best”


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