“Meloni? Her physiognomy worried me…”.  Vendola’s shock offense

“Meloni? Her physiognomy worried me…”. Vendola’s shock offense

Icon of the left and the LGBT community, Nichi Vendola he left politics and chose the path of the theatre. The former governor of Puglia is ready to return to the stage with his show between sovereignty and racism, but he does not disdain some anti-centre-right incursions. The latest delirious raid by the former secretary of the Italian Left calls the prime minister into question Giorgia Meloni.

Vendola’s madness on Meloni

Guest of A sheep’s day, aired on Rai Radio 1Vendola recalled his years on the front line and responded in a rather provocative way on the Meloni dossier.“Me it disturbed in physiognomy due to its predisposition to attack that it had in the posture of the pupils”the lunge of the 64-year-old:“You had a feeling those pupils were ready to come on you and bite you. A clear and clear offense – simply insane – which would probably have been branded as ‘bodyshaming’ if the parts were reversed.

The “drama” of parent 1-2

Mud on the premier, but not only. Vendola also focused on the sentence of the civil court of Rome which ordered that the words “parent 1” and “parent 2” and not “father and mother”. A workhorse of the politically correct left, but this doesn’t suit Vendola either: “For me it’s a drama, I don’t know who is first or second between my husband and me, there is a hierarchy in these definitions”. Of course, an attack on the center-right could not be missing, in this case a Salvini: “It’s a really bitter controversy, with someone like Salvini who wants to come and ring my house and tell me that I have to put father and mother on the documents”.

“The Democratic Party is at risk of extinction”

The former governor of Puglia also faced psychodrama Pdwith Letta ready to say goodbye and an inheritance to be assigned. “The primaries of the Democratic Party are a great exorcistic rite, a way of not tackling the problem”, Vendola’s analysis: . Then a joke about his preferences: “I have esteem and affection for Elly Schlein, esteem for Bonaccini and De Micheli but the way the primaries are shaping up will not be a resurrection but will become a fiction”.

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