Mia Khalifa against Lula’s fraud, in Brazil everyone is crazy about fake news

Mia Khalifa against Lula’s fraud, in Brazil everyone is crazy about fake news

ROME – Pornographic actress or “director of the anti-fraud department of the Hague Tribunal”?. real news, fake news or instead denounce a fake news that doesn’t exist? The Brazil continue to test media scholars after the wave of false content that has swept the country before and after the presidential elections in October.

The latest episode involves theformer pornographic actress American of Lebanese descent My Khalifafive million fans on Twitter, almost 28 million on Instagram.

The star, who is 29 and has already retired from the world of adult entertainment except for an Onlyfans profile with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, shared an article on Twitter in which she is identified as the “director of the anti-fraud department of the Hague Tribunal“, a certain Igrad Gaak, author of burning revelations about the”irrefutable evidence” of fraud in the elections that saw the victory of the already twice president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. In the post there is also a photo of the outgoing president Jair Bolsonarodefeated by the vote, and an ironic comment from the actress, on her mistaken identity with the “director” of The Hague: “Perhaps I was late for my real job…”

A tweet with 181,000 likes

Khalifa’s tweet, re-shared by 26,000 people and appreciated by 181,000, was relaunched by Brazilian mediawho en masse recalled the previous spread, in the midst of the chaos caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, of a fake news in which the former actress wore a doctor’s coat.

atHaguewhere there are at least two bodies of international justice, there is no guideline Gaak, as reported by O Globo. In short, a fake news. Even if the mysteries don’t end there: the same page “Direita Brasil” that would have published the fake content according to Khalifa’s version, in fact, does not exist…

The news on the Dire site can be used and reproduced, provided that the source Agenzia DIRE and the address are expressly mentioned www.dire.it

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