Musk readmits Trump on Twitter, but the former US president freezes him: “I’m staying on Truth”

Musk readmits Trump on Twitter, but the former US president freezes him: “I’m staying on Truth”

Elon Musk had the Twitter account of. reactivated Donald Trump, after the poll voted by over 15 million users established the readmission of the former US president on the social network with 52% of the votes in favour. “The people have spoken – Musk wrote – Trump will be reintroduced. Vox populi, vox dei». Suspended as of January 8, 2021, two days after the assault on Capitol Hill, Trump’s profile returned to view minutes after Musk’s announcement. At the time, Musk called the decision to kick Trump off Twitter “wrong and absolutely stupid.” Already in recent days he had decided to re-enable other suspended accounts, in a completely arbitrary way, such as those of Kathie Griffin, Jorden Peterson and Babylon Bee. For the former US president, however, he did not use the same controversial method, relying on the will of the people and trying in some way to distract attention from the chaos that would break out in society, grappling with dismissals and internal disputes.

But the former president has not yet tweeted anything and it seems that he has no intention of doing so, at least for now. Shortly before the poll closed, Trump had ruled out his return to Twitter, saying he preferred his platform Truth and had no intention of “going anywhere”. In a connection with the assembly of the Republican jewis coalition, the former American president had reiterated that his Truth “works better”, while Twitter “has many problems … many bots and fake accounts”. Sensitive issue for Musk, who in the negotiation phase for the purchase of Twitter had contested the impossibility of calculating how many fake profiles on the social network really were.

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