Next week at risk, a Cyclone arrives loaded with Thunderstorms, Wind and even Snow;  details »

Next week at risk, a Cyclone arrives loaded with Thunderstorms, Wind and even Snow; details »

Weather: Next week at risk, a Cyclone arrives loaded with Thunderstorms, Wind and even Snow; details

Weather forecast for next weekNext week is at risk due to the arrival of a rain-laden cyclone, wind and snow too! The latest updates have confirmed the possibility of a rather dangerous scenario for some of our regions.

Eyes fixed already at the start of the week, when from the day of Monday 21st November the entrance from the Rhone Gate (southern France) of cold and unstable currents downhill from the North Pole, will cause the formation of a dangerous cyclone with direct consequences for our country. As it approaches our peninsula, in fact, this vast depression area will attract mild winds from the south which, crossing the entire Mediterranean basin, will be charged with humidity, consequently supplying the fuel necessary for the genesis of massive storm cells.

The map that we propose below shows the rains expected throughout the day Tuesday 22 November and it is very eloquent: the North-East and the Tyrrhenian regions in particular would be affected (maximum attention to lower Lazio, Campania and Calabria), with cumulative rainfall locally up to 150mm (yellow color). Just think, it would be the equivalent of all the rain that usually falls in a whole month, but concentrated in a few hours! Heavy rainfall expected for Tuesday 22 NovemberHeavy rainfall expected for Tuesday 22 November
This could represent a potential risk from a hydro-geological point of view with the possibility of floods and landslides: the greatest danger with these configurations is determined by the fact that storm systems of this type could persist even for several hours on the same areasdischarging to the ground all the water that hasn’t descended during the rest of the year.
It will then return to the Alps snowcopious ea progressively lower oddswith the flakes that could go as far as 6/700 meters above sea level (locally even lower in South Tyrol), thus whitening many tourist resorts such as Bormio (SO), Madonna di Campiglio (TN), Solda (BZ) and Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL).
Finally, everything will be accompanied by stormy gusts of wind which, especially on the two Major Islands and on a large part of the Tyrrhenian sectors, could reach 80 km/h (purple color in the map below) also causing dangerous storm surges along the most exposed coasts.Stormy gusts of wind expected for Tuesday 22 NovemberStormy gusts of wind expected for Tuesday 22 November

The weather conditions will remain rather unstable even in the following days, especially in the Centre-South, before an improvement is expected only towards the end of the week. It should be emphasized that the passage of the cold front will leave a dowry drastic drop in temperatures which will make our teeth chatter, especially in the early morning.


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