Pisa, the 91-year-old TikTok star died.  The nephew denies the accident: “he had an illness”

Pisa, the 91-year-old TikTok star died. The nephew denies the accident: “he had an illness”

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She was known as Grandmother Joanna and was a star of TikTok from over 800 thousand followers. There 91-year-old Giovanna Capobianco was found dead in her home Navacchiofraction of farmhouse, in Pisano. The cause of death was a sickness proved fatal and not, as previously reported, due to a fall into the burning fireplace. “Grandma hadn’t been well for a while, was slowly regressing more and more, although we always showed the opposite, because we wanted to convey tranquility, affection, familiarity, irony, and lightness to you. In the last few days, she had gotten worse, and she left due to a fatal illness, but with serenity, sitting by her beloved fireplace, but she didn’t end up in it », reported the nephew on social media . The alarm was raised by the daughter who found the woman already dead around 20 in the evening. She called for help, but there was nothing they could do. The woman was well known on the web because at the time of the lockdown from Covid the nephew had opened an account TikTok in which he posted ironic interludes with his grandmother. Grandson, Nicholas Pazzi27, is an aspiring comedian who attended the Academy of Comedian in Milan. They also had a Facebook profile and on social media they had achieved popularity with their grandmother’s dressing up and Osco-Cypriot slang. A few days ago it is another famous grandmother of the web diedgrandmother Rosetta of Surace house.

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