Political polls, the news: the Third Pole surpasses the League

Political polls, the news: the Third Pole surpasses the League

It doesn’t stop Brothers of Italy. The premier’s party Giorgia Meloni continues to gain and now reaches 30.4% (+0.3). The M5S it has always been second, for some weeks now: it now stands at 16.9% (-0.1). The Pd try to make up ground and shorten the distance – even if still slightly: the party of Enrico Letta back from last Saturday’s shareholders’ meeting it is now at 16.2% (+0.2). There last week between the former allies, 5S and dem, there was a gap of one clear point. These are the data from the latest SWG survey on Monday 21 November. Which shows a novelty: the overtaking of Third Pole on the League. iv And Action are at 7.9% (-0.1) and the Carroccio to 7.6% (-0.5). In sixth position, Come on Italy to 6.4 (-0.4%).

Followed by the smaller parties: the Green-Left Alliance at 4.0% (+0.2), +Europe at 3% (+0.1), Italexit at 1.9% (-0.2), Unione Popolare at 1.5% (+0.2) and the others at 4.2 (+0.3).

The previous swg survey of November 14th

For the first time Brothers of Italy had exceeded 30 per cent, always confirming itself in first place. The party of Giorgia Meloni was at 30.1%, up from last week by 0.7%. And today’s SWG survey shows further growth (+0.3). The M5S continued to stay above the Democratic Party thus becoming the first opposition party with 17% (+0.2), the stable Democratic Party at 16% (now at 16.2), the League to 8.1% (+0.4), Action-Iv at 8% (-0.4), Forza Italia at 6.8% (+0.5), the Green-Left Alliance at 3.8% (-0.2), +Eur9opa at 2.9% (+0.2), Italexit at 2.1% (-0.4), Unione Popolare at 1.3% (-0.3) and the others at 3.9 (-0.7). The survey was carried out between 9 and 14 November 2022.

The Supermedia Agi/Youtrend survey of 17 November

The M5S still ahead of the Pd. Supermedia too Agi/Youtrend had confirmed, last week, the overtaking of the Movement on the party of Enrico Letta. It is not a question of a ‘measured’ overtaking, but of a real exchange of positions, with the M5S to 17.4 which gains 0.8% in two weeks and the Pd which lost more than half a point in the same period reaching 16.8 (-0.6%). Still good time to FdI over 29% (but according to some institutes it had already reached 30%) while the Third Pole below 8% (to 7.8%) returning to the values ​​obtained in the elections of 25 September. And the League at 8.4% (stable).

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