possible personnel cuts also in Italy

possible personnel cuts also in Italy

Amazon comes to terms with the crisis and prepares a downsizing of personnel, also in Italy. While emerging and for now, hypotheses of about 10 thousand are not confirmed layoffs in the “corporate” structure of Amazon, especially in the Use, “adjustments” on personnel levels are also possible in Italy, where the group currently has about 17,000 employees. This was stated to Ansa by Mariangela Marseglia, vice president and country manager of Amazon Italy and Spain. “After having made so many assumptions, we are also starting a general verification process for the new economic context – explains Marseglia on the sidelines of the Anci assembly – which could lead to adjustments in the first months of 2023, which in the case will not be indiscriminate”.

The case in the United States

In recent days, the CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy, ​​announced in an internal communication to the company that the layoffs will continue also in 2023. The communication comes a few days after the news that the e-commerce giant is preparing to kick out 10,000 employees, in what could be the largest cut in the company’s history while representing less than 1% of its total workforce. “The economy remains in a difficult situation and we have been hiring rapidly in recent years,” Jassy stressed, without however specifying the extent or timing of the new layoffs.


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