Qatar 2022, Germany against Fifa: “A clear threat”

Qatar 2022, Germany against Fifa: “A clear threat”

Very tough Germans on the ban on captains wearing a band with the inscription ‘One Love’ against discrimination

“It was a clear threat against us. They threatened us with sporting sanctions. It was an unprecedented demonstration of power by the Fifa“. He said so Bernd Neuendorfpresident of the German federation, commenting on FIFA’s decision to prevent the captains of seven national teams (including Germany) to wear a sash with the inscription ‘One Love‘ against discrimination. “We don’t want to fight this battle by bringing our players with us,” added the top German executive.

Even the comment of the general manager is harsh Oliver Bierhoff, which underscored the captain’s anger Manuel Neuer: “He’s very disappointed that he can’t wear the armband. This has nothing to do with football anymore: there is a lot of anger. I feel like a censorship. The armband may be taken away from us, but we will still express our values,” said the former AC Milan striker.

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